5 Reasons to Consider BAT Malaysia as Your Employer of Choice

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Seeing how the economy and job market has been significantly affected in the past months, it hasn’t been the best year for young graduates. The never-ending hunt to secure even one interview just became exponentially harder compared to the previous years, let alone having the luxury to select a desired role in a reputable company. This is where we come in to shed light on reputable companies, such as BAT Malaysia, that puts their people first.

Over the years, BAT has been known as a company that celebrates diversity and values among their people. At BAT, there’s nothing more important than cultivating an open and collaborative culture. Thus, if you aspire to work in a highly energetic environment that values teamwork, this is an employer that should be on your list. Regardless of where you are at your career, working at BAT will provide you with a whole new experience and endless opportunities to do real work from day one and gain experience by working with a multi-category brand.

In this article, BAT shares with you the top 5 reasons to consider the organization as an employer of choice.

#1 We’re an Award-Winning Organisation

BAT Malaysia has been consistently recognised as a top employer for our outstanding HR practices such as cutting-edge HR technology, competitive benefits, reward infrastructure as well as our talent management processes within the organisation. Most recently, we clinched the prestigious Life at Work Awards commissioned by Talent Corp, a government body under the Ministry of Human Resources, for being the Best International Organisation and Outstanding Practices – Initiative for Women Workforce.
We’re also consistently at the top of the GRADUAN Brand Awards in the FMCG Category!


#2 A Global Graduate Programme Designed for Future Leaders

In BAT Malaysia, we are well known for investing significant effort to establish a strong, sustainable talent pipeline, and our Global Graduate Programme (GGP) is a testament to that. Every year, we train and develop several high-caliber talents within various functions in the business (Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance, Human Resources). These graduates are assigned immersive and impactful projects from Day One and provided world-class training opportunities to maximise their potential. Upon graduation, our talent will subsequently land managerial positions within the organisation.


#3 Work with a Melting Pot of Nationalities

When we say we were born international, we truly mean it! In BAT Malaysia alone, we have approximately nine nationalities from various countries such as Bangladesh, Argentina, Sri Lanka and the UK. Diversity remains at the very heart of BAT’s core DNA, and we continuously advocate, respect and embrace the inherent differences of our people. Working in BAT Malaysia ultimately allows for a deeper appreciation for the various viewpoints and nuances in an international organisation that enables the establishment of a truly global, diverse and inclusive workforce.


#4 Nothing Beats Our Work Hard, Play Hard Culture

We are a passionate bunch; no doubt about it. We put our heart, energy and drive in everything that we do, whether it’d be in the workplace or after-hours. While we revel and enjoy the stretched opportunities offered to us at work, we are aware of how important it is to make time for leisure as well. Our BAT Malaysia Sports Club has organised multiple events for the BAT Malaysia family such as go-kart racing, treasure hunts and archery, making the organisation a great place to work in!


#5 BAT Malaysia = Certified Green Office!

Aside from being a prominent FMCG organisation, BAT Malaysia also places a huge emphasis on sustainability. Recently, BAT Malaysia was certified as a Green Office for its outstanding integration of optimised sustainable practices to the workspace such as HEPA filtration, ergonomic chairs coupled with spacious cubicles/work areas, and a sophisticated energy conservation system to minimise energy usage. All of this ensures that we are all doing our part to propel the sustainability agenda forward.


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