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Here’s a fun fact: the average experience required for a manager role in Malaysia is 7 years. You’re probably thinking, well, assuming one typically graduates at 23 and manage to secure a job immediately after commencement, becoming a manager at 30 does not seem like a bad deal. But why settle with the crowd while you can be ahead of them? We might have found the best programme where you could accelerate your leadership aspiration, 7 times faster than the conventional route. Read on to find out more!

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An experience like no other ordinary management trainee programs

Having forged some of the finest business leaders in the industry, the BAT Global Graduate Program (GGP) attracts the most resilient and intelligent graduates to be a part of an exciting journey in a world-leading Fortune 500 organization. This fast-paced and demanding program will stretch you to the limit and prepare you for a management role in just 12 months!

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The typical graduate program we often find in the job market nowadays adopts a touch-n-go structure, where trainees are regularly rotated within several business units without having sufficient time to develop substantial functional capabilities.

In fact, words from insiders at several other companies tell us that the typical rotation length of 3-6 months is too short to delegate specialised tasks, where talents might end-up doing more shadowing than the actual work. The result? Being in certain graduate programmes is like signing up for a prolonged ‘internship’ which might not be so beneficial for those who already have an end-game in mind.

This is where BAT sets itself apart from the rest. GGP trainees will have the opportunity to rotate within one single business unit to gain a holistic view and appreciation of their business function. For example, a Marketing trainee rotating between Brand Marketing, Strategic Planning & Insights, and Trade Marketing & Distribution. You can choose to kick start and grow your professional career in one of the four main business functions of BAT Malaysia, namely:

  • Marketing (Trade Marketing & Distribution, Strategic Planning & Insights, Brand Marketing)
  • Finance (Corporate Finance, Commercial Finance)
  • Human Resources (Talent, HR Business Partnering)
  • Supply Chain (Quality, Logistics, EHS)

As such, semi-specialisation from the start enables new GGP joiners to begin their journey with a pre-determined goal in mind, thus having better clarity to focus on developing the essential technical skills and assuming real responsibilities from day one.

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“To progress, you need to give your best from Day One”

Viki Goh is a batch ’17 GGP joiner who is on track to complete her 12-month rigorous journey before moving on to a corporate finance position. What she loves and finds unique about BAT GGP is the fact that an accelerated duration means there is no time to waste:

“The program propels you to hit the ground running and contribute real commercial work from day one. Throughout the course of it, we have been exposed to world-class training and gain international exposure – having the opportunity to learn and collaborate with global colleagues from the early stages.”

Starting her rotation in Corporate Finance, Viki oversaw the Control and Governance pillar where she drove several risk and control exercises for both Malaysia and Singapore, thus getting exposed to the best practices in two end markets. Her final project in Marketing Finance focuses on competitors agenda, where she plans, conceptualises, and simulates competitors’ total strategies. From finance to legal and brands, the extensive senior stakeholders’ engagement involved has provided her with the opportunity to learn from individuals who have years of experience under their belt:

“Do expect struggles coping with deadlines and bosses’ expectations! However, as the saying goes: A smooth sea never made a skilful sailor. As you overcome hurdles and push through the steep learning curve, you’ll embrace your strengths and continue to build your character. Ultimately, it means you’ll be preparing the groundwork for where you plan to go next in your career. If you’re going to be the success of your potential promises, robust foundations are essential. That is what you will achieve here at BAT.”


Ready, Set, Go!

If you:

  • Are a Malaysian citizen or permanent resident
  • Achieved excellent academic track record with a minimum 2nd upper or CGPA of 3.20
  • Demonstrated strong leadership capabilities and eagerness to grow
  • Possess a recognized Bachelor’s Degree in:
    • Any discipline for Marketing and HR roles
    • Engineering for Supply Chain roles
    • Finance/Accounting/Commerce for Finance roles

Congratulations! You’re all set to apply for this truly international graduate program.

Note: Learn more about the BAT Malaysia Global Graduate Program and application process here.


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