10 Book Publishing Companies for Aspiring Authors in Malaysia for 2021

book publishing companies for authors malaysia 2021

Ten years ago, you could never have dreamed of turning your written manuscript into a traditionally published novel without an agent. However, these days, the sky is the limit for authors. Nonetheless, modern publishing can be a tricky game, especially when you are just a first-time author. Trying to figure out which book publishing companies have you or your story’s best interest at heart can take some time, especially in Malaysia. The search for the most reliable book publishers will mostly lead you to companies that work with other forms of content rather than books.

Hence, to help you zero in on the prize, we have listed for you a guide to Malaysia’s Book Publishing Companies where you can submit your manuscripts on their website/through their emails without having to worry about dealing with a middle person (agent).

1. Malaysian Institute of Translations and Books (ITBM)

Established in 1993, The Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books is owned by the Ministry of Finance while the Ministry of Education manages its administration. It was initially established to elevate the translation industry in the country. However, as of 2011, the prime minister announced that it will also be responsible to help local writers enhance and increase the publication work to boost Malaysia’s publishing industry.

To send your manuscript to ITBM, click here.


2. MPH Group Publishing

book publishing companies malaysia MPH Publishing is always on their game when it comes to encouraging Malaysian authors to send in their manuscripts. Believe it or not, while they receive hundreds of manuscripts, MPH Publishing is still craving for more. Home to many local authors and prominent figures such as Adibah Amin, Lydia Teh and Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, MPH Group Publishing publishes a diverse set of titles ranging from contemporary and literary fictions to children’s stories as well as non-fiction titles.

To send your manuscript to MPH, click here.


3. Pelangi Publishing Group

book publishing companies malaysiaHolding true to their motto, “Quality Books for Quality Education,” Pelangi Publishing Group Bhd is one of those publishing companies that people can rely on for quality educational products. Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Pelangi publishes a wide range of books that travel across over 2000 bookshops in all 13 states of Malaysia, including over 20 countries overseas.

To send your manuscript to Pelangi, email for inquiries at: publishing@pelangibooks.com


4. Silverfish Books

In 2021, Silverfish officially turns 21 years old, so what better way to celebrate their anniversary than to send in your beloved creation their way? These are the people who cherish literature and early on, their mission was only to develop Malaysian writing into international standards. It is safe to say that they have successfully made their dream come true by having some Malaysian literature translated into Italian, French and German. Established in 1999, Silverfish Books is the leading imprint of quality Malaysian books in English.

To send your manuscript to Silverfish, email it at: silverfishbooks@outlook.com
(Click here to read their requirements before sending your work)


5. Gerakbudaya

Always seeking out all the hidden stories and histories of Malaysia and Southeast Asia, Gerakbudaya is dedicated to being a publisher and distributor for books by Malaysian authors that will circulate timelessly. Gerakbudaya publishes entertaining novels and books that are thought-provoking and educate people about politics, history, and culture and also non-fiction books.


To send your manuscript to Gerakbudaya, click here for English manuscripts or here for Malay manuscripts.


6. Lejen Press

book publishing companies malaysiaLocated in SS15, Subang Jaya, Lejen Press Sdn Bhd is an urban alternative publishing company that publishes fictional and non-fictional novels and short stories in various genres. In addition, Lejen Press has successfully published over 100 books and comics that have been well-loved by Malaysians. Established in 2011, Lejen Press has a huge mission to make the dreams of first-time Malaysian authors a reality by providing them an opportunity to turn their stories into a book.

To send your manuscript to Lejen Press, click here.


7. ZI Publications

Known as the publication that successfully secured the rights to the Malay translation of Billion Dollar Whale, ZI Publications is owned by Zaid Ibrahim. This independent publishing company aims to help authors bring their work into the public eye, be it in Malay or English. Hence, if you think you are a diverse, distinct and exciting writer, look no further because ZI Publications wants you.

To send your manuscript to ZI Publications, email for inquiries at: info@zipublications.com.my


8. Penerbitan Kaseh Aries

book publishing companies malaysiaBandar Baru Bangi is where this small yet successfully thriving independent publisher is based at. Penerbitan Kaseh Aries is your number one go-to choice if you are looking into publishing your romance and contemporary Malay stories into becoming a hit. With almost 40 authors under them, they have published numerous novels that have gotten fantastic reviews from Malaysian readers.

To send your manuscript to Kaseh Aries, email for inquiries at: info.kaseh@gmail.com


9. Penwings Publishing

With their beautiful motto, “Let us give your pen wings.”, Penwings Publishing makes dreams come true by giving your masterpiece a chance to shine in the public eye. Despite being relatively new in the world of publishing, in the five years that they’ve operated, Penwings have successfully published four best-selling poetry and short story titles nationwide in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

To send your manuscript to Penwings, email for inquiries at: hello@penwings.com



If your dream is to self-publish your story but don’t know where to start, then INSPIRATION HUB is the book publishing company for you. Their main goal is to provide guidance for professional or first-time authors to self-publish their books from the process of designing and editing to printing. Additionally, INSPIRATION HUB will also help connect you to distributors and bookstores that may be interested in your creation such as MPH, Kinokuniya, Popular, Borders and Times.

To get started, email for inquiries at: info@theinspirationhub.com



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