Killer Tips to Boost Your Spirit During Gloomy Weathers

boost productivity rainy day

It’s that time of the year where every day is a downpour, forcing you to cancel the outdoor activities you had planned. There’s no doubt that the rainy season makes all of us feeling blue and gloomy. Especially when it’s during working hours and all you want is for the day to end so you could shut everything down and be under the blanket. According to themuse, the way we think can sometimes be influenced by the weather. Instead of feeling lazy, there are various ways to boost your spirit on bleak rainy days.

Actually, rain is good for you and your productivity…

Rain turns down our moods and makes us less productive, at least that’s what everyone perceives. But studies have proven this to be false. On a good sunny day, individuals tend to think about all the things they could do outside. This causes distraction and leads to them being unproductive in the midst of completing a task or a project.

Whereas on the other hand, when it’s bad weather, the outdoor activities they could be doing are limited. Hence, they think about it less and focus on their current work which results in getting more accomplished than expected.

So, how do you make the best of this rainy season?

You might think you’d die of boredom when it’s raining outside and you’re stuck at home. In reality, there’s so much you can do indoors.

• Spring cleaning (although, not exactly)

Get on your feet and stop delaying the house cleaning you’ve been intending to do since months ago. Housework is exhausting and it’s even worse when you do it when it’s bright outside. So, why not do it when the weather’s chillier?

• Learn something different

Everyone has at least one thing they’ve been meaning to learn. Whether it’s trying a new recipe, learning a language or picking up a new hobby. Dedicate this time to discover fresh and different pastimes that can make you feel content overtime.

• Explore new singers, bands or songs

Since the existence of music streaming applications or platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, it’s as easy as one click to find for new music. Some people find it helpful to listen to music when they’re studying or working. On rainy days, you can opt for soothing and calming songs that fit the weather best. Alternatively, there are endless playlists on Spotify made by users from all over the world for rainy days.

• Dream

Be honest to yourself, when was the last time you thought about the progress in your life? How have things changed for the past 2 years and what are you looking into for the future? Ask yourself important questions and make a list of the past, present and future to get to know yourself better.

Final Verdict

Although most times we hope the rain would go away, you’d be surprised of how much you can achieve in this type of weather. All in all, don’t forget to put on your most comfy pyjamas and make yourself some tea to enjoy it better!

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