10 Most Sought After Jobs in Malaysia Post-Covid-19

The beginning of 2020 gave people so much sense of hope and determination but with the sudden rise of Covid-19, all of that had to be pushed to the back burner. Blue- and white-collared jobs that people deemed as stable are now facing high risks of lay-offs and pay cuts as more and more businesses suffer from the continuous economic downturn. Jobs in Malaysia that people wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at such as Grab riders are suddenly at the frontline to keep businesses moving.

The new-norm will be something that all of us have to adapt to, especially post-Covid-19. Meetings have turned into video calls, conferences into webinars, conversations into instant messages. While some company managed to transition seamlessly to remote working, others are still struggling to provide reliable connectivity and a secure infrastructure within their staff’s home-office setup.

But fret not, some of the most beautiful rainbows occur after a storm.

While not every job will come out of this pandemic unscathed, there will be a number that will be highly sought after to bring the country and the world back in order. As such, before you pull the trigger on which career path you should pursue post-Covid-19, here are the 10 most in demand jobs in Malaysia that we would recommend.

1. Marketing Manager

When we hear the word “Marketing”, we think that these people only market products. However, we don’t truly understand the process that goes on behind the scene. Aside from that, part of their responsibilities also includes estimating budgets for campaigns, determining the demand for products and services, identifying potential customers, dealing with advertising agencies and the list goes on.

Not everyone is born with the negotiating abilities that all these marketing managers possess. A skill that is transferable between multiple industries can make you quite the commodity. With so many industries suffering during the pandemic, it enables them to pick an industry that is thriving and switch easily.


2. Robotics Engineer

From the pandemic, we have seen how badly it impacted our people in more ways than one. You either lost your job or your current sector is facing an overload of work and this includes manufacturers, postal services and more.

With that, there is a high probability that more industries will make a move towards implementing robotics into their operation. This is where Robotics Engineers will come in to be the forefront in planning and developing these machines, making businesses run faster and removes dangerous situations from workers.

As we’ve been told by Bill Gates multiple times, AI will be the future and careers in relation to AI development will increase.


3. Software Developer

Develop, create and modify. No matter what year or situation we are in, Software Developers will always be in high demand as they are responsible to analyse each user and create software to meet their needs. They specialize in software design to optimize operational efficiency, specifically your smartphones applications, computer programs and making sure monitors undergo necessary updates to ensure the system’s efficiency.

This is one of those jobs that require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or other that coincides with it. As more and more companies are jumping into a more digitalized future, this will also lead to more software that needs to be built and maintained, especially with the pandemic.


4. Online Teachers & Tutors

As a result of Covid-19, schools and universities have shut down for several months. Looking at how things are going, online learning might be the new norm. Most institutions have made the necessary transitions from classrooms to socially distanced teaching. However, the sudden changes meant that teachers would need to adapt fast through e-learning platforms and online classes.

Pandemic or not, students still need to continue on with their education. This is where fast-adapting and skilled online teachers or tutors will come in. Even for parents, who before might have seen online learning as ineffective, may be more open to the idea.


5. Tax Specialists

Depending on what you do, tax may be one of the biggest expenses you would have to make. Especially if you’re a businessman or an owner of a big corporation. There are ways that you can get rid of it or minimize the amount and that is where the Tax Specialists come in.

Any big corporations or businesses will need someone who is extremely familiar with tax laws and rules. Keeping track of your taxes is not easy and the last thing company wants is to face any tax disputes.


6. Salesperson

When we talk about Salesperson, most actually don’t see the importance of them. But if we were to break it down for you, all the amazing works done such as design, build, service, support, account, manage and lead, at the end of the day, all these would not bear any fruit if you don’t have someone to sell it.

Fun fact: Back in the day, it was the sellers and traders who risked their lives climbing mountains, crossing dangerous seas in order to sell their spices and wares.

As Covid-19 continues to affect the economy and all business owners, these resilient and optimistic people whose day-to-day tasks include interacting with the customers and providing feedbacks to the business owners are the reason for loyal customers.


7. Digital Marketer

Businesses that usually survived through words of mouth might not have that same luxury if this quarantine period is prolonged. Which is why it is highly important to invest and develop a long term and solid digital marketing plan. What better way than hiring a Digital Marketer?

These people do it like no other. Strategizing social media posts, increasing visibility and getting important information out there that can do wonders for your business.

Digital marketing is the future now and with people being stuck at home, billboards and printed media will remain unnoticed. Hence, businesses will need these tech savvies to build their social media and get their products to sell.


8. Cybersecurity Engineer

In 2018 and 2019, Cybersecurity Engineers were the most in-demand security positions. Now with the pandemic happening, the job is climbing the rankings again for 2020. These people provide an engineering approach when it comes to designing and implementing security systems to stop advanced cyberattacks.

There has been an alarming rate of cyberattacks during Covid-19 which highlights the importance of Cybersecurity Engineers. In order to keep networks safe, a spike in demand for this position will rise. More and more companies will need people to develop security plans, implement solutions, diminish vulnerabilities and investigate breaches.


9. Financial Analyst

When you want an important job done right, the first thing you’d do is hire a professional. Especially when we’re talking about your finances. Within every company, nothing comes first that the company’s financial health and stability.

To do that, every company will need a Financial Analyst to guide the company in their financial needs and plan. This includes assessing the performance of their stocks and investments, make the right decisions to determine future earnings, budgets and expenses of the firm. Smart financial planning will be every company’s utmost priority in this pandemic.


10. Telehealth/ Registered Nurse

Last but certainly not least, our front liners. With the pandemic in full force, hospitals are constantly short staffed.

However, it seems that virtual healthcare or better known as telehealth, may become more common. It has been tough for medical staffs to handle a surge of patients in physical centres. With telehealth on board, virtual consultations will be able to lift some of the burden of Registered Nurses through medical routines that don’t require in-person check-ups.

As the pandemic continues to change the course of the world, the future of all career remains uncertain. Things may change in the future but we’re certain that more companies will reach out with more job vacancies. As employers, it is crucial for them to constantly innovate their work and adapt to the everchanging world.

While securing a job may be difficult now, simply aiming for these high demand jobs might not be the best route. Invest your time to search online. Find a job that not many are looking at but will give you experiences that can lead to many more opportunities in the future.


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