Powerful Life Lessons You Can Only Learn from Watching Anime

life lessons from anime

It’s a common misconception that watching anime is a complete waste of time, but let’s face it, some people love to be wrong. If you’re a regular consumer or especially a die-hard fan, then you know how easy it is to instill meaningful life lessons by watching your favorite anime. From the classics such as Naruto which taught us a lot about friendships to the current hot topic such as Demon Slayer which focuses on personal development. Anime is not only entertaining but it provides countless valuable lessons that you just need to open your eyes to be able to see them behind all the actions and demons.

Not every single viewer will see the lessons that anime has brought into the lives of millions but, that’s why we are here. To find a good anime is to find one that is a perfect blend of a great plot, phenomenal character growth, the right balance between action and romance, plus a fantastic storyline. With that, we have gathered for you some great lessons that have the potential to change your everyday life.

1. Being Weak Means You Have the Potential to Become Stronger

life lessons from anime demon slayer tanjiro

There’s strength in being brave enough to admit your weaknesses. After all, every one of us has areas that we excel in and others we could use a little work on. Trying to focus on strengthening your weaknesses does not mean that you’re are striving for perfection. Instead, it is a way for you to recognize your flaw and improve yourself to reach your full potential.

Much like Tanjiro from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, he is weak, or was weak (if you’ve watched the anime, you’ll know). He was so weak that he couldn’t do anything about the demon who slaughtered his family or Nezuko becoming a demon. Throughout the show, we can witness his frustration over his weaknesses, which luckily drove him to grow stronger. Tanjiro teaches us that we shouldn’t look at our weaknesses as flaws, as a burden, or as an excuse to remain weak. Remember: who or where you are now is not permanent. It is a stepping stone for you to get to where you want to be.

2. Your Walls Are Only Obstacles, Not Boundaries

life lessons from anime attack on titan eren If you’ve been long-time viewers of anime, you know each short clip in your favorite anime has significance. Every dandelion fields, riverbanks, and especially extremely high walls are huge foreshadowing. People often associate walls with limitations, whether it be a wall between you and your dream job or a wall you’ve built to limit yourself from achieving potential goals or meeting new people.

One of the most infamous walls in anime is those in Attack On Titan. From the very beginning, we were always reminded of that massive wall on Paradis Island that guarded the people against the Titans. While staying within the walls gave them a sense of safety, it also gave them a painful sense of constraint. When you limit yourself too much, you are hindering yourself from reaching its fullest potential. Start to see the walls you’ve built around your future and dreams as obstacles and not boundaries. What’s the point of putting up these symbolic walls if you’re not going to break them down and surpass them?

3. Your Worst Enemy Often Hides Within You

life lessons from anime my hero academia katsuki bakugouAs many obstacles life can throw at you, you will never be able to defeat the darkness or your negative thoughts without accepting that your worst enemy is within yourself. Self-loathing or lack of motivation are byproducts of your inner villain. To be the hero of your own story, it’s not the superpowers that you need. What you need is charisma and the right attitude, which Katsuki Bakugou lacked.

In My Hero Academia, while Bakugou is incredibly strong, his sour attitude is a massive barrier for him to become a pro hero. In his mind, he interprets other people’s kindness as condescension and tends to push people away who only want what is best for him. People learn best from their mistakes. However, with Bakugou, he completely disregards not only his teacher’s constructive criticism but also praises. While Bakugou’s heart is in the right place, his attitude contradicts his ambition. Hence, be aware of the monster inside us, understand what it’s trying to do, and overpower it.

4. Hard Work Will Always Beats Talent

life lessons from anime naruto and sasukeEven with inborn talents, a person will not be able to go far without putting in some serious effort. When you’ve mounted thousands of hours into practice, that’s when you know you’re going places. This lesson could not be any more accurate in most anime, especially the cult classic Naruto.

From the very beginning, you can already tell that Naruto isn’t someone born with talent but has always put his heart and soul into everything he does to be the absolute best. On the other hand, Sasuke has more natural talent, as shown by his bloodline and his extraordinary ability to learn his Sharingan abilities within a few uses. Despite Naruto’s techniques being far less than Sasuke’s, their final battle proved that Naruto was the stronger of the two due to his relentless effort and hard work. Whatever you want to become, have this in the back of your mind for a boost of motivation!

5. It is Never Too Late to Do the Right Thing

vegeta dragon ballPeople tend to have this misconception where once you’ve made a mistake, there’s no going back. However, that’s not necessarily true. If you’ve committed a crime, the best thing you can do is turn yourself in and escape that impending guilt. If you failed a test, brush it off and promise yourself that you will try harder next time. It’s never too late to do the right thing, and time has given us that gift.

Similarly, Vegeta from Dragon Ball killed thousands of lives when he first battled with Goku. However, after his defeat, he had a sudden realization and joined the Z fighters as a warrior and fought alongside them to defeat Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu. Even after he got defected in the Majin Buu saga, he still decided to team up with Goku to save the Earth because he is not only fighting for himself but the entire planet. This should serve as a reminder for all of us to let the past remain in the past. Clear the pathway for our future and never live with regret.


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