[Lunch Hour] 5 Good Places to Eat Near KLCC

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Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle is the Malaysian capital’s financial hub. It’s also home to the city’s famous downtown district, Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), an area you’ll no doubt find yourself frequenting, especially if you’re a business professional. If you’re busy like us, then you’re always on the go. But one thing we can’t skip (and we’re sure you can’t skip, too) is lunch, which is why most professionals are always looking for good places to eat near KLCC.

While KLCC spoils you for choice, we have cut through the noise and come up with our own list of no frills restaurants and food spots that offer a delicious and consistent menu around the surrounding area. With this, you can spend less time thinking about where to eat and more time on that groundbreaking elevator pitch.

Here are five of our top picks, all located within the KLCC area:

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1. Little Penang Kafe

little penang kafe klcc
Image Credit: tripadvisor.co

Location: Level 4, Suria KLCC

Average price: MYR13-20 (per person)

What to order: Pie Tee, Nasi Lemak Penang, Assam Laksa

Little Penang Kafe offers dishes from the northern state of Penang. While it can’t equal the island’s best eateries, the restaurant serves a respectable range of Penang dishes, from pie tee to assam laksa. It’s also one of the most reliable choices in the area, as service is fast. Expect long lines during peak hours – which speaks to its popularity. Nonetheless, if you want to satisfy your local cravings after a meeting in Petronas Twin Towers without having to navigate the abundance of vendors in KLCC’s many mall food courts, Little Penang Kafe is our go to choice.


2. Dolly Dim Sum

dolly dim sum avenue k
Image Credit: kuala-lumpur.ws

Location: Ground Floor, Avenue K

Average price: MYR25-35 (per person)

What to order: “Siew Mai” Dumpling, Spicy Szechuan Dumpling, Sweet and Sour Beancurd Skin Roll, Yam Croquette, Dolly Mozza Roll

The popular local dim sum chain offers a modern take on an iconic Chinese dish in a laid back and casual environment. Make sure you bring your colleagues along, as communal style sharing is key to the overall experience. The price tag is on the pricier side, so you may choose to come here when you feel like treating yourself. While there are various chains in the KLCC area, we recommend the joint in Avenue K, as the specific layout feels more open and airy with plenty of sunlight coming in through the glass panes.

View their menu here.


3. Saravanaa Bhavan

saravanaa bhavan klcc
Image Credit: happycow.net

Location: Level 2, Suria KLCC Signatures Food Court

Average price: MYR10-20 (per person)

What to order: Combo 4 (Idly, Poori, Vada), Combo 8 (Sambar Rice & Poori) Combo 9 (Sambar Rice & Dosa)

KLCC is overcrowded with its selection of mamak stalls. But if you’re still craving Indian and want something different, look no further than Saravanaa Bhavaan. The global south Indian restaurant chain only plates up vegetarian dishes. If you’re a meat eater, we know what you’re thinking – just trust us on this one. From the dosa combos to the selection of chutneys and vegetables, Saravanaa Bhavan fails to disappoint. The lunches are packed with plenty of unexpected bold flavours and varying textures, so much so that you may just give up meat and go vegetarian altogether. Don’t forget to pair your combo meal with chai (ask for less sweet). You’re welcome.


4. Ra-Ft Café

ra-ft café binjai 8
Image Credit: j-e-a-n.com

Location: Ground Floor, Binjai 8 Premium Soho

Average price: MYR25-40 (per person)

What to order: RA-FT Breakfast, Fish and Chips

Everyone is familiar with Ben’s and Chinoz on the Park. However, we recommend the lesser known Ra-Ft Café on Lorong Binjai if you’d like to satisfy your western cravings and have business  to attend to along Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Ampang. The portions and quality of food are worth the slightly steep prices and the restaurant is located away from the main road, sharing space with a condominium – a welcome respite from KLCC’s many malls and office buildings. Oh, and with the owners hailing from Italy, their coffee merits a try!

View their menu here.

Disclaimer: This establishment serves pork on its premises and is therefore/unfortunately not certified halal.


5. Mee Tarik Warisan Asli

mee tarik warisan asli klcc
Image Credit: Mee Tarik Malaysia (Facebook)

Location: Level 4, Suria KLCC Rasa Food Court

Average price: MYR10-20 (per person)

What to order: Mee Tarik Soup, Wet Mee with Zeeran Mutton

Mee Tarik Warisan Asli serves up pulled yellow noodles, a dish originating from Lanzhou, China. One of the lesser known cuisines of the Asian country,  their yellow noodles are made fresh everyday and are usually paired with spicy broths and sauces, although non spicy options are offered for the faint hearted. You can see the chefs make the noodles from scratch, stretching out the dough into individual noodle strands, which they do upon order.


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