Productivity Essentials For The Perfect Home Office Setup

productivity essentials home office

The times when we feel down, the times when we feel demotivated, are the times when we need a change of surrounding. Working from home can be mentally exhausting as there are no physical interaction and our eyes are constantly glued to the screens even during team meetings. Hence, one of the ways to boost productivity is by changing your home office setup with the perfect essentials.

Although, according to a survey by, majority of the respondents enjoy working from home as they are less stressed and more productive. The thought of getting that extra 10 minutes of sleep, not having to drive to the workplace and maybe even work in your pyjamas are the perks of working from home.

However, it is just a matter of time until we need some energy boosting. Not being able to go out as often and socialize could contribute to the lack of motivation. Therefore, we have listed down the things you could add to your desk to increase productivity!

1. Organization – Desk Organizers & Wall Pockets

Firstly, take a good look at your workspace. Is your desk full of unnecessary things? Draft papers and pens all over the place? Before you start to organize your desk, it is important to declutter – get rid of unwanted papers, throw out pens that have run out of ink and remove the sticky notes of your completed to-do lists.

Once you have decluttered, you can sort out all the A4 papers, notebooks, stationeries using desk organizers. Get yourself a wall pocket where you can store your files and books as it will be simple to reach when you need them at any time. Besides that, arrange your pens in a trusted pen holder according to colour, type or any kind really! That’s if you are a stationery freak and need more than a hundreds of them.

Alternatively, if your stationeries include the basic set like memo pads, scissors, highlighters and binders, you can use a multi-function organizer where everything will be stored in one place. This way, a lot of space will be saved on your desk making it look neater! Getting yourself a monitor riser stand will also help present a well-organized space. At the same time, you will work comfortably as it adjusts your body posture to the screen.

2. Creativity – Cork or Magnetic Board

Additionally, a cork or magnetic board is useful in many ways that can be hung on the wall above your desk. Rather than pasting your sticky notes on your desktop or laptop, why not paste it on the board? Display it orderly according to the category of your needs. For instance, divide your responsibilities using the Covey Time Management. Allocate a part of the board for your daily tasks that you need to accomplish.

Apart from that, you have the opportunity to decorate your board as well. Print out photos that make you feel content, inspiring quotes from your favourite author or hang your favourite items using thumbtacks. Make use of the board as a platform to express. Instead of only focusing on work-related things, you are allowed to make it creative to keep you going.

Moreover, nowadays you can find digital calendars online where you can buy and print it out to your desired size. This is helpful and effective when you hang it on the board to keep you on track with your schedules and meetings. Also, so that you don’t forget that it’s Saturday the next day and you don’t wake up early for work!

3. Relaxation – Plants & Oil Diffusers

Finally, after all the hard work, give yourself a break in between. If you have not already, enhance your desk with indoor plants to your preferred type. Conforming to, having plants will eliminate harmful toxins as they act as natural air purifiers. The air quality in your environment will be improved and helps you to stay energetic throughout the day.

Furthermore, an oil diffuser is a great addition to your space. Essential oils are known to give a calming and relaxing effect. Different essential oils are for different purposes, for instance, if you often experience stress or anxiety, the perfect ones would be Rose, Vetiver and Cinnamon as stated by Therefore, with plants and diffusers, a healthy and relaxed mind will be able to boost your productivity.

Let’s Get Productive and Re-Create Our Home Office!

To be productive requires a lot of aspects from organization, creativity and relaxation or calmness. Working from home might not be ideal to everyone and it could lead to stress as well as extreme fatigue. The environment we create is a contributing factor to our state of mind. For that reason, re-creating our home office might be able to help us get through these challenging times.

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