Quick and Easy TikTok Food Hacks for When You’re Working from Home

quick and easy tiktok food hacks for when you're working from home

A wise person once said: Do not click on TikTok if you don’t want to be stuck in a blackhole, where minutes turn into hours. Before you even realise, you’ll be flipping pancake cereal, dancing in front of your mirror and reenacting tv show scenes at 3 a.m. The TikTok Zone is a real thing. Regardless, personally, one of the most overlooked TikTok trends are their food hacks. Clicking on the #foodhacks videos will guarantee you quick and easy TikTok food hacks for when you’re working from home.

According to a food expert, a low nutrient density lunch that spikes blood sugar is a recipe for a crappy work afternoon. Regardless, for some of us, in-between meetings and after a long day at work, the last thing we would want to do is spend hours in the kitchen fixing up a wholesome meal. However, with the rise of TikTok and 60-sec videos, we scoured the platform for you and have listed the trendiest and easiest food hacks that are easy to throw together, decently healthy and easy on the wallet.

1. Viral Tortilla Wrap Hack

This has been the biggest trend this 2021. A quick and easy tortilla wrap hack that you can put together with practically, any ingredients you want. Plus, it takes roughly 5-10 minutes to put together. Cut a line halfway through your wrap, pick your 4 favorite toppings and lay them out on the four respective sides. Then, fold the wrap following the shape of it and throw it on the pan for a couple of minutes. The best part about this is that you can use any leftover produce in your fridge, as long as the taste goes together!

2. Why You Need an Air Fryer

If there’s one kitchen appliance that we would recommend, it would certainly be an Air Fryer. On days where you don’t have the time to keep running back and forth from your laptop to your pan, making sure that your fish don’t get burnt, then an Air Fryer is your best friend. This baby can fry up basically anything for you. Be it chicken, nuggets, fries, fish, mac and cheese, the list goes on. All you have to do is throw your stuff in it, set the timer and temperature, go finish up some of your work and voila, your meal is ready to eat!

3. The Best Breakfast Sandwich

Could this be the answer to your busy morning breakfast prayers? The answer is YES. This viral breakfast sandwich hack first started back in 2020 but till today, the taste does not disappoint. The recipe only requires you to cook 2 eggs, add in 2 slices of bread on the pan, cover the bread with the eggs, flip it, put some cheese slices on it, fold the eggs and the bread and you’re done. The recipe is quite simple and literally anyone can do it. You can also get creative and add in meat, veggies or any other toppings of your choice.

4. Healthy Recipes for Your Sweet Tooth

Now, if you think we forgot about all you dessert lovers, then you’re wrong. For some of us, savory food gets us going but for some, you might need that sweet taste to give you a good boost mid-day. Smoothie bowls have been the biggest trend in the recent years. Just simply freeze some fruits or berries, blend it into a smoothie, top them with nuts, granolas or more fruits and there you go! A perfect dessert for your sweet tooth that will not leave you feeling guilty at the end of the day.

There You Have It

Now you’ve got plenty of great food recipes and hacks to make your work from home schedule much easier. Who said that TikTok only has cute animal videos and a bunch of girls and guys doing trendy dances? Eating homemade, nutrient-rich food can help you supercharge your productivity and these are some that we recommend that are not only quick but certainly easy on the wallet. Good luck!


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