3 Easy Ramadhan Recipes: All Using Pandan Leaves by Famous YouTuber Che Nom

easy ramadhan recipes

Due to the pandemic, some individuals are stuck overseas and can’t come back to their homeland for Ramadhan. There are also those who are staying alone and can’t spend time with their loved ones due to Movement Control Order (MCO). To those who are feeling homesick, we recommend them to try and cook some easy recipes of the common kuih-muih (cakes) in Malaysia that can be done from the comfort of their home.

First and foremost, Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslims in the world! We’ve entered another holy month yet still battling with the pandemic. That means we still have to keep it minimal as we did last year to break the chain of COVID-19. Although the situations slightly differ this time around, bazaars are still limited (even worse, some states aren’t even allowed to have one) and mosques are only opened on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you haven’t heard already, recently a Youtuber who goes by the name Che Nom has made her name to be renowned with her aesthetic yet simple-looking cooking videos! In conjunction with the fasting month, we compiled three easy Ramadhan recipes from her channel to make you feel at home again. All these three recipes share one same ingredient: pandan!

1. Kuih Seri Muka

Kuih seri muka holds almost everyone’s heart in Malaysia. It’s one of the most favoured kuih and you can easily find it anywhere and anytime. Normally, it comes in a pack of two but some stalls sell them individually too. The combination of glutinous rice (pulut) and coconut milk as well as pandan balances the sweet and salty taste leaving you craving for another one!

Learn how to make kuih seri muka here:

2. Tepung Pelita

Have you ever wondered why is it called tepung pelita? Simply because it looks like a lampstand (pelita)! Tepung pelita is also known to be famous not only in Malaysia but also in Indonesia and Singapore. Especially when Ramadhan comes, people will be searching hard for this! Wrapped in banana leaves, it’s similar to kuih seri muka by having two layers – the only difference is the top layer is white. However, the kuih has a smoother texture and it literally melts in your mouth with its sweetness and rich coconut milk.

Tip: If you don’t have banana leaves, you can also opt for a small container.

Learn how to make tepung pelita here:

3. Kuih Cara Manis

Hard to admit, but I just recently found out the existence of kuih cara. It’s unique in a sense of having two ways to make it – sweet or savoury. The process is really simple; however, it requires you to use a template specifically made to shape the kuih. Different from the two mentioned above, kuih cara has its outer and inner part. People usually cook the outer part until it’s only slightly burned to give that crunchy taste as the inner part is really soft and creamy!

Learn how to make kuih cara manis here:

We will stop here…

You must probably be drooling over these delicacies by now! All the best trying these recipes and we wish everyone a blessed Ramadhan this year. Let’s give, love and forgive more this month.

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