Nap Like an Astronaut – 4 Types of Power Naps to Get You Through Your Week

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Admit it – we all get that “2.30” post-lunch feeling when our eyes start to feel droopy and we start slouching (even more). But if you think naps are only for babies, think again – because power naps are now ‘in’.

In fact, the world’s leading professionals – including NASA’s own astronauts – take power naps throughout the week so that they can be more efficient, productive, and deliver their best at work.

So, we’ve gathered 4 types of power naps you should explore and integrate so you can achieve more. You’re welcome – and please, don’t forget to set your alarms:

1. The NASA Nap

Length: 26 minutes

Perfected by NASA’s astronauts, the NASA nap is backed up by in-depth research involving pilots. They found out that those who slept 26 minutes in the middle of the day showed alertness improvements by up to 54% and job-performance improvements by 34%, compared to pilots who didn’t nap. So do yourself a favour – nap like an astronaut.


2. The 10 Minute Nap

Length: 10 minutes

Don’t have time to nap like an astronaut? Don’t worry. In a 2016 study published in the journal Sleep (courtesy of Oxford University), researchers found that snoozing for as short as 10 minutes can immediately increase alertness and boost cognitive performance for as long as 3 hours.




3. Nap-A-Latte

Length: 20 minutes + double shot of espresso (or a cup of coffee)

That’s right. Before taking a 20-minute nap, down a double shot of espresso or cup of coffee – quickly – and then immediately take that nap. Why 20 minutes? Because the effects of caffeine will only kick in by the 20th minute after you down your coffee, leaving you fully alert to get through the last half of your work day.


4. Full Sleep Cycle Nap

Length: 90 minutes

If you feel like your body is just crashing after pulling an all-nighter, then this one’s for you. For the equivalent of a full night’s worth of rest, 90 minutes is the gold standard, since that’s the amount of time it takes for a full sleep cycle. So – as long as you set your alarm – your body should have no trouble waking up and will be fully refreshed after minute 90.


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