[Discuss] This Alarming Trend of How Malaysians are Applying for Jobs Needs to STOP

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As we all know, the ways we use social media platforms and other websites are constantly evolving. For example, it’s never been easier for us to find and apply for jobs, thanks to the endless amount of online resources.

Malaysians are always in the know of the latest job vacancies since so many companies post about them on Facebook and Twitter. However, it seems that a lot of them are starting to get a little too entitled because of this!

Recently, Malaysian netizens have noticed an alarming trend on Facebook and Instagram posts advertising job vacancies. Many social media users seem to think it’s acceptable to simply comment “pm” under these posts to indicate their interest.

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Source: Twitter


Social media users asking potential employers to privately message them displays the entitled mentality of some Malaysian netizens.

Take this recent sponsored post on Instagram advertising job vacancies in Sapura Kencana for example.

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Source: Twitter


This post received a flood of comments from many users, all requesting the same thing.

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Source: Twitter

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Crazy, right?

The fact that they assume a company would reach out to them for a job vacancy sounds very unrealistic and raises concerns about how social media is impacting people’s perceptions.

Luckily, many Malaysians have called out the commenters and did so in pretty hilarious ways. This user took to Facebook to call out other users who commented “pm” under a job vacancy ad for Malaysian Airlines.

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Source: Twitter

This guy can afford to chill a little bit, but he does have a point! We hope our fellow Malaysians learn that they need to take a lot more effort in order to secure a job and that they shouldn’t expect huge companies to layan them so much.


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