Anime-Inspired Hotels To Stay In For Your Next Trip To Japan 2021

anime inspired hotels japan 2021

From cosplays to anime, gaming to electronics, udon to ramen, Japan has it all when it comes to culture and trends. Increasingly, anime has brought a wave of emotions into the hearts of people of all ages. With so much influence, it is only natural that year-round, Japan is filled with travelers wanting to experience the same life their favourite characters did and collect all the original merch of their beloved animes. On that note, why should you only experience Japan outdoor when you can have it indoors as well? We have prepared a list of anime-inspired hotels in Japan that you can stay at in 2021.

1. Naruto Glamping (Hokage’s Villa) at Hotel Grand Chariot

anime inspired hotels japan 2021 naruto hokage

Nijigen no Mori, otherwise known as Awaji Island Anime Park, has become a huge attraction to anime and manga lovers for the Naruto and Boruto franchise. Offering a thrilling and interactive adventure where Naruto fans can gather and engage in various trials, mazes, dine at themed restaurants, and appreciate the beauty of their favourite character’s statues.

Nearby, you can choose to stay at the Hotel Grand Chariot Hokutoshichisei, a glamping resort that offers a Naruto-themed suite called “Hokage’s Villa” 火影の別荘 hokage no besso. Designed and decorated with playful elements from your favourite anime, the suite provides a comfortable space for five people. Additionally, you will also receive themed yukata as loungewear and get free tickets to the Naruto & Boruto Shinobi Zato at Awaji Island Anime Park.

2. Demon Slayer’s Infinity Castle at Ookawaso Hotel

anime inspired hotels japan 2021 demon slayer infinity castle

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (鬼滅の刃) has an overwhelming fanbase that is just dying to experience as much of the anime as possible in real life. If you can’t help but like the evil Muzan Kibutsuji, this traditional onsen ryokan (hot springs hotel) at Ashinomaki Onsen, Okawaso might just be the inspiration for his Infinity Castle.

With its gravity-defying walls and staircases controlled by a traditional biwa-playing demon at the center, it’s just unbelievable to deny the similarity these two locations have. At the center of this resort, there is a “floating stage” (浮き舞台) above an indoor water feature. Surrounded by wooden beams, the rest of the building is designed with traditional shoji paper doors and an oddly shaped staircase, forming a scene that came straight out of the Infinity Castle.

3. Hello Kitty Glamping at Grand Chariot Hokutoshichisei

hello kitty cottage japanWhen it comes to Japan’s most popular and adorable exports, Hello Kitty tops the chart! Fans who wish to travel and bask in Hello Kitty’s glory can now take it one step further by staying at a Hello Kitty-themed cottage at a glamping resort in Japan. The Grand Chariot Hokutoshichisei has converted one of their cabins into a pink-bowed kitty wonderland with wall art, bedspreads, mirror, and even bath salts inspired by Hello Kitty.

Dubbed as “Hello Kitty Star’s Cocoon,” each cabin comes with cedar soaking bathtubs known as hinoki, as well as skylights for your stargazing pleasure. The little cocoon is big enough for two large beds that can accommodate two to four people. Furthermore, with its price starting from ¥9200 ($ 800) per night, the pink cocoon includes two meals, making it the perfect holiday location if you wish to be in the presence of the pink-bowed character 24/7.


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