The BAT EVP Reimagined: Driving Great Talents to Be the Change and Create A Better Tomorrow

bat malaysia evp be the change

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated change and transformed the way businesses operate all across the world. As a result, new ways of working that are empowered by digitalisation and simplification are becoming the way forward for companies to adapt to this new norm.

However, many organizations fail to realise the significant changes that need to be made for their prospective and current employees to unlock their potential. This is why it is important for employers to carefully define the employee value proposition (EVP), which encompasses aspects that can allow them to better understand the needs of their employees and create a positive environment to attract and inspire great talents.

Today’s burgeoning technology enables an organization to learn more, more quickly than ever before. With their objectives to drive a new changing mindset and develop existing employees, BAT has reimagined and redesigned their EVP to attract more diverse, ambitious talents who want to make their mark, influence the world, and take on the challenge of creating A Better Tomorrow. In this article, we will introduce to you BAT’s three new pillars: “Bring Your Difference”, “Work On The World Stage”, and “Make a Positive Impact”.

1. BAT Pillar #1: Bring Your Difference

BAT EVP Be The ChangeIn the coming years, the business landscape will continue to change more than ever before. It is only by this change will organisations be able to spark innovation to better serve their people. Driving a successful diversity strategy requires internal affairs to embrace different capabilities, gender, and backgrounds in the workplace. As such, BAT is striving to create a melting pot of talent and abilities through their first pillar, “Bring Your Difference”.

Authenticity is at the core of BAT’s agile, inclusive culture and that has inspired their people to be driven and constantly look for new ideas to innovate. That is achieved by hiring great talents of different backgrounds, fields of study, and experiences to build a diverse and synergistic workforce. In the end, whether you are a fresh graduate or a mid-career hire, you can be certain that diversity is well celebrated and embraced at BAT.

2. BAT Pillar #2: Work on The World Stage

BAT EVP Be The ChangeBAT has created a platform that provides unique opportunities for their employees to connect and collaborate with members of BAT’s community, from around the world. You can be a part of this exclusive network as well!

No matter where your location is, you can build a global experience through a career in BAT. From exposure to international projects to facilitating dynamic career growth, BAT empowers their people with the freedom to work across different fields of expertise and constantly grow in new ways. Through their second pillar, “Work on The World Stage,” BAT will introduce you to their employees from different markets and diverse backgrounds.

As a global business operating through the one truly connected network, BAT is a borderless business that provides all of its talents with opportunities to work in different end markets to experience a truly international culture. Additionally, the Global Graduates at BAT are provided a platform to build relationships with international colleagues and learn about the global business through their Global Grad Academy in the UK.

3. BAT Pillar #3: Make a Positive Impact

With sustainability at the core of their purpose, the people at BAT are always working together to create A Better Tomorrow. BAT constantly empowers their employees to work with the latest technology and explore new fields of stimulation to make their business more sustainable and reduce the health impact of their products. This is where the third pillar, “Make a Positive Impact”, is used to introduce candidates to employees that are engaged in sustainability projects within the organisation.

Whatever your role is in BAT, you will always play a part in key business breakthroughs, helping the organisation to transform to be better for people and the planet. By using the latest ideas and tools, BAT is constantly working to reduce the health impacts on both existing and future products, achieve carbon neutrality, and eliminate unnecessary waste to create a better tomorrow. From beginning to end, BAT wants to change their products and processes for the better. This means less waste, lower emissions, and reduced health impact.

If you aspire to make a positive impact, you can be a part of this unique organisation and work together with great people to make it happen!

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Learn more about BAT careers here.


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