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In today’s rapidly changing work environment, having a stable and “safe” job isn’t enough anymore. The factors that were once important to job seekers in the 1980s are now in many ways incomparable with what matters most to the fresh young minds entering the world of work in 2018. Millennials today desire more than just money, material goods and time off; they yearn for jobs that stretch and inspire them with opportunities for upward mobility.

That being said, your first job out of college is crucial in placing you ahead on the track to move up the career ladder. Before you scramble in search for the ideal graduate programs, today we bring to your attention a leading global company that embraces the transforming needs of their multi-generational workforce.

Renowned for having an international work culture, which collectively harnesses the full potential and synergy of their employees, BAT Malaysia offers a structured graduate development that can empower you to be a future leader. Read on to learn about how BAT has perfected the formula to nurture fresh graduates into world-class leaders all over the world with the following ingredients.

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In order to be the best, you have to work with the best

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Due to the empowering culture across the organization, the new graduate joiners at BAT Malaysia will have the opportunity to interact and present directly to senior leaders. Working in such close proximity with upper management brings about invaluable opportunities, including network, mentorship and enhanced growth potential as you will be able to align yourself with many professionals with decades of experience.

Kick-starting your career in such a dynamic workforce will inspire you to reach higher and give you the confidence to take on bigger challenges early on.


Leaders of the future are forged through world-class training with holistic learning experience

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BAT is one of the few among industry leaders to invest heavily in talent development.  You wouldn’t find many other companies who would fly their freshly recruited graduates from all parts of the world to UK for a 2-week action-packed training. BAT’s graduate programs are carefully engineered around the Agile Learning Model, an approach used by instructional designers and content developers that prioritises speed, flexibility and collaboration. Such are filled with the sharing of knowledge and know-hows through e-learning platforms, conferences, coaching and mentoring, providing the breadth and depth of learning that far exceed any typical similar programs seen in the job market.

At the same time, BAT Malaysia also acknowledges their employees’ constant search for meaning at work and their needs to explore other aspects of life. There are plenty of opportunities for CSR projects, of which recent initiatives included the Denim Donation Drive in collaboration with SURI to empower low-income single mothers in our community.


Only a culture that embraces change and cultivates innovation can breed global leaders

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On a mission to transform their industry, BAT Malaysia is known to have a culture that is fearless, curious, and global with leading brands in over 200 markets worldwide. Guided by a set of fair minded Employment Principles, it goes without saying that the company is committed to promote diversity in the workforce that goes beyond gender and nationalities. Here at BAT, every employee’s voice is heard and appreciated, and the unique mix from a diversity of people is the key to looking at challenges from different angles, thus encouraging creative and innovative solutions to meet consumers’ needs.

Ultimately, you will join a family of dedicated individuals who adhere to the “Work Hard and Play Hard” principle and always go the extra mile to stay on top of their game together.


Are you ready to take charge of your tomorrow?

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Interested to find out more? We are here to help!

Here are 2 simple ways you can gain more insights and explore a career with BAT Malaysia:

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