5 Ways BAT Malaysia Cultivates Workplace Wellbeing & Mental Health to Empower Their People

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Achieving workplace wellbeing has always been key to any organization: not only does it keep employee morale and productivity high to continuously bring their “A Game” at work, but it also significantly improves retention rate and hiring costs.

However, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it DOES get harder for people to establish boundaries between work and play – people are generally working longer hours, and because movement is oftentimes restricted, there is an unwritten expectation of an “always on” attitude among employers. Hence, it becomes even more pressing for employers to equip their employees with the resilience to navigate uncertainty while minimizing physical and mental health risks. It’s comforting to see that reputable companies such as BAT Malaysia has been innovative with their approach to overcome these challenges through creative talent and wellbeing initiatives.

With that said, employee’s wellbeing has always been BAT Malaysia’s utmost priority: BAT Malaysia had reacted quickly by proving their leadership through 5 new initiatives that are meant to care for their employee’s overall wellbeing.

1. Curating Learning Pathways That Are Personalised for Each and Every Employee

Sometimes, when employees feel stuck and unmotivated, one of the best things’ companies can invest in is an outlet that focuses on their personal growth. According to a study done by goodhabitz, 81% of employees believe that it is crucial to find employers who are willing to invest in their individual progression.

With this in mind, BAT created the Grid where employees are able to learn what they want while also build the skills that they would need to further excel in their career. The Grid was curated to provide personalized trainings and lessons that focuses on skills that will further progress them towards their own interests and goals. One of them includes organizing a Virtual Watch Party where a speaker was invited to give a fun, yet professionally rewarding talk and employees will stand a chance to get RM100 Grab vouchers.

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Small steps like this will undeniably provide a sense of progress to their employees which will reflect on the company’s overall growth.


2. Building an Engaging Culture by Connecting Employees Through Interactive Activities

Trying to stay connected while being physically distanced through remote working has never been more difficult than now. Physically distanced can easily turn into emotionally distanced which will then result in isolation, and that will cause employees to not be able to comfortably work alongside each other. Which is why it is crucial to engage through virtual team building by bringing your remote team together to achieve deeper bonds.

That’s where the Culture Collective comes into play. Comprising a mixture of employee advocates and Global Graduates, various energizers were introduced to inject some fun (and a little friendly competition!) within the BAT family. For example, a virtual Burpees challenge was held to get people moving from their seat, with attractive prizes to be won for employees who had done the most number of Burpees within the stipulated time.

Culture Collective has not only helped BAT’s team connect with each other, but it has also given them a sense of community, and a happier team equals to a higher employee retention!


3. Creating a Conducive Working Space That Focuses on Optimised Sustainable Practices

As an employer, it’s important to ensure that work spaces provided are not only conducive, but a sustainable one as well. By creating a great company culture and environment, it will result in boosted creativity, improved productivity and an overall motivational boost to employees.

The last thing you would want is for your employees to work in a dreary office setting. However, through BAT’s Certified Green Office, they managed to create a positive work environment through optimized sustainable practices such as providing HEPA filtration, ergonomic chairs coupled with spacious cubicles.

Another great way BAT has found to bolster productivity and add some cheer into their office is by gifting their employees some leafy friends. Office plants are a great way to brighten up your employee’s day and happier employees also miss fewer days, meaning more on-the-job productivity!


4. Providing a Learning Space for Employees to Destress with an In-House Barista

Over the years, it has grown increasingly critical to cultivate a growth mindset through seamless integration of formal and informal learning avenues at the workplace. Especially for employees who work in their cubicles everyday it is difficult to expect them to think differently and creatively if they sit in the same spot all day long.

Encouraging employees to always be developing their skills has always been one of BAT’s focus as they believe that it is good for the employee’s mood, career development, and team bonding. Which is why as part of the Grid, BAT has built a Learning Café where employees can drop by, grab a drink from an in-house barista and watch learning contents that are curated personally for them.

BAT believes that this has resulted in their employees feeling supported and guided in their growth strategies to further excel in their career.


5. Utilizing Technology to Regulate Mental Health Resources

bat naluri appAccording to Donna Haybarger, a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, highly effective wellness programs are linked to greater productivity, less absenteeism and lower health care costs. With the alarming rise of mental health and chronic disease epidemic, BAT Malaysia has introduced Naluri, a one-stop-shop platform for all mental well-being support and resources.

Through Naluri, not only will BAT Malaysia employees have access to a telephone helpline where they can speak to certified Counsellor or Clinical Psychologist for immediate support, they can also opt for personalized video therapy sessions. This remote therapy session is designed to help employees to deepen their self-awareness and process thoughts and feelings. Employees that are facing anxieties or would like to get their mental health in check are now able to speak with a qualified clinical psychologist as part of the programme.

bat naluri appIncreasing employee wellness can be an overwhelming task, however, with Naluri’s multi-disciplinary and personalised care, a professional health coaching programme was designed to provide guidance in BAT’s overall holistic health. This programme will open doors for BAT’s employees to achieve an overall holistic well-being with access to not only to a psychologist, but also a dietitian, pharmacist, doctor, fitness coach, financial planner and more.

bat naluri appNaluri also provides support groups, daily interactive modules, digital thought journal, planner and analytics made to track BAT’s employee wellbeing. To cultivate a more positive work environment, BAT emphasizes on the importance of adding your own personal touch to your own workspace. Initiatives such as keeping the area clean and organized, adding plants or providing them outlets where they can let off some steam can do wonders for the team’s overall productivity and wellbeing. At the end of the day, the benefits of creating a healthy workplace are definitely well worth it.


Are you ready to embark on an empowering and rewarding career with a top employer?

Considering a career with an employer that prioritizes employee wellbeing and focuses on cultivating a positive and nurturing work environment? Take the first step of your career journey by visiting the BAT Malaysia Careers page or follow BAT on their LinkedIn page to learn about their exciting working culture, company initiatives, and career opportunities.


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