The Bank of the Future? Here’s Why CIMB is a Great Place to Work

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In the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), FinTech startups are emerging with disruptive technologies that revolutionise consumer experience, while offering a dynamic working culture where employees are placed at the forefront of such innovation. Conventional financial institutions now need to step up their game to cater to transforming customers’ expectations, as well as to retain talent.

As an employer in general and a financial service industry player in particular, CIMB has set themselves apart from their peers by recognising that the answer to engagement at work has less to do with bringing in beanbags and ping pong tables, but more of innovative policies that keep employees engaged and eager to contribute.

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Learn about the latest practices and innovation in the CIMB workplace that have placed CIMB as one of the best places to work in 2018 and beyond!

Corporate or Start-up? Fret not, now you can get the best of both worlds!


The CIMB management team believes that equipping their future leaders with diverse set of skills and experience is imperative in today’s increasingly competitive market. There aren’t many graduate programmes that incorporate work rotation across multiple companies. CIMB Fusion is one of the few that does. Apart from that, CIMB’s award-winning The Complete Banker (TCB) programme has also taken management training to the next level, offering a taste of both the corporate and start-up culture throughout the programme duration.

The revamped TCB programme lets graduates work with emerging FinTech and e-commerce start-up partners on digital-centric projects to develop their entrepreneurial skills in these areas early on in their career.


3D Academy: Learning digital skills in the digital space

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To enhance the staff’s digital quotient, CIMB recently launched their latest people development initiative – the CIMB 3D Academy (premised on Digital, Data, and Disruption) to propel their digital ambitions. The 3D courses will be rolled out via a blend of classroom and interactive digital learning platform. Participants get to upgrade their skills in a fun and bite-sized fashion.

The Academy’s competency framework covers topics ranging from digital world awareness to data science & analytics, with compulsory modules relating to AI, IoT, FinTech & Blockchain, coding, design thinking and many more. The 3D Academy curriculum has also been embedded into the TCB programme to equip their graduates with agility, adaptability, creativity, and an entrepreneurial mind-set to disrupt conventional thinking. Ultimately, staff will have the chance to future-proof their career and enhance their employability.


Cultural Transformation: Navigating flexibility in a regulated industry

Contrary to popular belief that working in banks is extremely regulated and involves strict office rules, CIMB is dialling down on formalities to enable a more agile mindset by introducing innovative workplace policies:

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  • Flexibility at work: CIMB has rolled out staggered working hours (between 8am to 7pm) in selected departments to give employees more control over their work and personal lives.
  • Flexibility to volunteer: Worried that work would hinder your ability to give back to society? Look no further because CIMB’s Flex4CSR programme now allows staff to take one-month paid leave to get involved in CSR work with one of their partner organisations.
  • Flexibility for parents: As the first company in Malaysia to provide one month paid paternity leave for first time fathers, CIMB recognises that being a parent is a full-time job – one where you can’t just clock off whenever you choose. While it’s easy to assume that moms are the heroes, dads are increasingly encouraged to play an active role, too. Meanwhile, parents with special needs children can also choose to work from home one day a week.
  • Flexibility for career: There is even a staff rejuvenation programme that allows up to 6 months’ unpaid leave with the staff’s job and seniority assured. This is so that staff can take time to off to refresh their perspective, or to be with family members who need extra care.


CIMB: It’s more than just an organisation for bankers

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While it is easy to assume that CIMB’s hiring focus revolves only around accounting, finance, economics, and business disciplines, CIMB has been expanding their talent base to support a pipeline of new, exciting digital projects.

With over 95% of its customers’ transactions performed on digital platforms, CIMB is on a mission to future-proof and further prepare their workforce for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a digitally-driven world. Tech enthusiasts can now explore relevant careers with CIMB to build the bank of the future. CIMB is looking to hire talented people in roles such as Data Analyst, UI/UX Designer, Digital Marketer, Agile Coach and Scrum Master.


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Note: This article was developed in partnership with CIMB Group, ASEAN’s leading universal bank.


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