Cookies & Brownies Delivery Services in KL and Selangor 2021

cookies brownies delivery kl selangor

While the rise of COVID-19 has increased online food services becoming more and more creative with their inventions in novelty cupcakes, hybrid pastries, and doughnuts, cookies remain as a sweet tooth’s favourite. Cookies have been considered a staple dessert for centuries with their perfectly portable treats that can be delivered anywhere easily and be shared with loved ones. Especially now that with the internet, ordering desserts online and having them delivered straight to your doorsteps fresh from the oven has never been made easier. Whether you’re ordering a box to send as a gift or you’re just craving a freshly baked cookie, we’ve rounded up cookies and brownies delivery services in KL and Selangor that are loved by many sugar-loving friends.

1. SugaRie

cookies brownies delivery kl selangorIf you’ve ever heard of SugaRie before, you are well aware of their famous and mouthwatering S’mores Brownies. Well, rumour has it that their cookies are just as delicious and we can confirm that the rumours are true! Priced at only RM5.20 each, you definitely should try a few of their bestsellers such as Milk & Cereal, Nutella Stuffed, and S’mores cookies. The cookies come in super cute and aesthetic packaging, perfect if you’re planning to send them as a gift to loved ones or yourself!

2. Jaslyn Cakes

cookies brownies delivery kl selangor jaslyn cakesOwned by Jaslyn Rangson, who is of Thai and Malaysian Chinese descent, Jaslyn Cakes offers a sense of timelessness as her recipes and creations have traveled near and far with her. Firstly opened at Bangsar, they have now expanded their amazing cakes with a second brand at Mont Kiara as well as their sister café, Dew. Known for their hybrid pastries such as cronuts and cruffins, some of their best sellers include vanilla bean cheesecake, salted Valrhona brownies, and soft-centered scones. Appealing to both the tongue and eyes, Jaslyn Cakes is sure to capture the delight of your taste buds.

3. Crumbs and Scrumbs

cookies brownies delivery kl selangorCommitted to their aesthetic, Crumbs and Scrumbs doesn’t shy away from indulgence with their no-bake Cheesecake with Chocolate Chip Cookies. Fun and colorful original flavors, one bite of this cheesecake cookie will melt right in your mouth. Where others emphasize their massive size or indulgent ingredients, Crumbs and Scrumbs showcases refined taste and modern elegance through their Levain Soft Cookies series that comes in flavours like Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate, Chocolate Java Chip Cookie with Espresso Drizzle, and a few more.

4. Sugar And I

cookies brownies delivery kl selangorSending cookies > sending flowers. Let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them by sending them some cookies from Sugar And I. They excel best at making their Signature Bombolonis but hey, don’t overlook their other mouthwatering goodies on their menus such as White Chocolate Almond Cookies, Belgian Chocolate Chips, Japanese creampuffs, and more. If you are looking for sweet treats, give this place a go!


cookies brownies delivery kl selangorEver just crave warm, freshly baked cookies that are gooey on the inside as a midnight snack? You’re not alone. If you want a recurring cookie delivery at your door, Sumo offers Dark Chocolate Brownies with a fudgy center, crackly top, and studded with melted chocolate. On top of that, their Banana Bread is also bursting with walnuts and chocolate chips. Cookie lovers will surely love what Sumo has to offer!




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