5 Ways Digital Society Fund Will Empower Underprivileged Students across Malaysia in 2019

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The 4th Industrial Revolution is here and it promises us a lot of changes. We have come a long way since Steve Jobs introduced the first ever smart phone. Today, we see tech deliver to us products and services that are only limited to what we can imagine. We have observed leaps and bounds of advancements across all industries – from music and traditional commerce to marketing and much more. With new opportunities on the horizon, much of what we have today will change and eventually, we will need to adapt and embrace that change.

Adding to this, Khazanah Research Institute has reported that in 10-20 years from now, it predicts that more than 50% of the jobs we have today will be replaced with some form of automation. Therefore, in order to thrive in the new industrial revolution, new skills coupled with the right education are a fundamental requirement. Unfortunately, according to UNESCO, 60% of eligible Malaysian students do not have access to tertiary education. This puts Malaysia’s workforce at serious risk and without proper attention, we would be in danger of not having capable talent to carry us through IR 4.0.

In comes the Digital Society Fund, the initiative was founded with the mission to empower students with technological expertise to transform their future and help lead their communities. With no greater gift than the gift of education, the Digital Society Fund has partnered with Taylor’s to bring to you, the TalentLabs Incubator Programme.

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The program is a structured talent development programme that provides opportunities to bright underprivileged students to pursue undergraduate studies in technology-related courses. In more detail, the programme offers:

1. Full Scholarship to the Prestigious Taylor’s University

digital society fund scholarship application

This one of a kind scholarship covers a full 1-year Foundation in Computing and a full 3-year degree course where scholars have the option of pursuing in either Computer Science, Software Engineering or Information Technology. Scholars will also be able to couple that degree with specialisations ranging from Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Mobile Computing, Blockchain, Internet Technologies and Digital Media.

If that isn’t enough, an option to couple the degree with a completely different field of study is also available. For example, a student can opt for a degree majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Finance.


2. Access to Personalised Master Classes

digital society fund master class

In addition to scholarships, scholars will also gain access to Master Classes where learning and development go beyond the walls of University. Scholars will learn real world skills such as project management, design thinking, strategy and many more.

These Master Classes are available throughout the duration of the program and scholars will have the freedom to pick and choose their desired Master Class depending on their preferences and interest.


3. Empowerment Through Career Development and Workshops

digital society fund career development

Throughout the program, scholars will also be supported with tools, tips and hacks that would maxismise their employability. This includes CV and interview workshops and receive support from a great team that would assist them in securing job and internship placements.


4. Mentorship from Digital Society Fund Industry Partners

digital society fund mentorship session

The Digital Society Fund partners with highly recognized corporations and NGOs; who will provide constant guidance to scholars. Industry leaders will be able to share their experience with scholars ensuring continued success.

Mentorship support will be available throughout the program and after scholars complete the program, they are expected to also contribute back the program with one of those contributions coming in the form of mentorships.


5. Networking Opportunities

digital society fund networking session

Finally, through established partnerships, scholars will be exposed to networking events where they will have opportunities to network with industry leaders, senior managers as well as other high-flying students. Scholars will be able to share ideas, build connections and ultimately boost their confidence. These events will be available throughout the duration of the program, giving scholars ample of opportunities to network.

All-in-all, the TalentLabs Incubator Programme provides students with a holistic learning experience, designed to future proof a student’s employability, prepare them for a strong career in tech and safeguard Malaysia’s talent workforce. If you are a recent SPM graduate and interested to find out more or submit your application, click here.


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