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In a world where products, processes and technologies become easier to duplicate, true competitive advantage stems not solely from organizational capabilities, but also through a corporate culture that is able to facilitate the growth of their talents. As the world’s leading Market Expansion Services provider, DKSH consistently strives to reflect their unique culture and reinforce their leadership principles in all aspects of their business, including their signature graduate initiative – the Junior Executive Training (JET) Program.

Previously, we published an article that talks about the brief history of DKSH and what graduates can expect when exploring a career with the organization. In today’s edition, we will shed light on DKSH’s JET Program for young graduates, with exclusive insights from a JET trainee alumnus from the 2017 cohort.

But first, let’s understand what makes DKSH’s talent development strategy unique and how they effectively nurture young talents into industry leaders from within the company itself.

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A successful company believes in growing their employees to cultivate great leaders from within

With people development at the core of their business strategy, DKSH heavily invests in quality capability development initiatives and programs to develop their young talents – to eventually lead their workforce in the future. DKSH is also committed to providing their employees a continuous journey of professional and personal growth through several initiatives such as the Fantree Academy, an exclusive in-house learning & development center.

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At DKSH, every individual is given equal opportunity to enhance their functional skills through the Fantree Academy, where they can enroll for exclusive training programs that are delivered by a global network of DKSH master trainers. Apart from technical and soft skills, DKSH prioritizes the development of core leadership competencies that are aligned to their eight leadership principles making up the DNA of the organization globally. All these elements are integrated into the JET Program to help graduates accelerate their growth trajectory.


So, what should I know about the DKSH JET Programme?

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Essentially, the DKSH JET Program aims to provide entry-level graduates an opportunity to launch their career in the exciting Market Expansion Services industry. It offers experiential learning opportunities, rotations across divisional functions, challenging projects and even meaningful interactions with the business unit leadership team.

Throughout the twelve-months program, JET candidates will rotate within key areas of the business such as supply chain management, field sales, customer account management, client management and branch operations. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates will be offered exciting job opportunities based on career aspirations and personal performance during the program.

In the past, DKSH’s JET Program was mainly focused on its Business Unit Consumer Goods. However, the good news for recent graduates is that DKSH will be expanding their JET Program across all four business units (including Healthcare, Performance Materials and Technology) in the upcoming admission!


JET trainee alumnus, Steven Lim is testament to DKSH’s commitment to nurture young talents

Steven Lim is from the 2017 group of JET trainees who has recently completed his twelve-months journey at DKSH Malaysia. What he finds most interesting about DKSH’s JET Program is the fact that the job rotation opportunities provide a wide industry exposure at an early stage of his career:

“Throughout the twelve months, I was placed in a series of rotations across various departments – from supply chain and logistics to client management and regional sales office. I received much guidance from my superior and mentors who supported my learning about the industry and the core functions of each department. The opportunity to work hands-on with individuals at all levels in the organization has enabled me to learn, grow and contribute effectively to the organization.”

Throughout the JET Program, Steven has had many interesting experiences. Earlier this year, his team was given the chance to pitch a seasonal campaign for one of their key clients during the 2018 FIFA World Cup period, which was truly an eye-opener and challenging experience. Since graduating from the program, Steven also had the opportunity to put the DKSH leadership principles into practice by leading a group of sales representatives. Here’s how he summed up his twelve-months’ experience with the JET Program:

“Ultimately, I believe that DKSH provides young graduates with the tools and platforms that lay the groundwork for taking the next step in your career. Being able to lead my own sales team at such an early stage of my career was definitely a great experience and will serve as a stepping stone for me to gradually take on bigger challenges across the industry and make a positive difference to the world.”


Passionate to expand some of the biggest brands in Asia?

If you are interested in exploring a career with one of the leading Market Expansion Services providers, visit the DKSH Malaysia website to learn more about the company’s leadership principles and culture.  If you are ready to launch your professional career with the JET Program, please start your application process here.


Note: This article was published in partnership with DKSH Malaysia, the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia.


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