A Step Ahead: Laura Chien and Faiq Hassin Shares How Great Eastern’s Management Associate Programme Develops Future Industry Leaders

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As a fresh graduate, the transition from university life to the working world can be daunting, with a huge learning curve, to say the least. Planning for a successful career is never an easy task, especially with the myriad of options available in the job market today. At Prospects, we believe that it is vital for fresh graduates to seek opportunities that provide broad industry exposure and holistic learning and development, such as what a structured graduate programme can offer.

Over the years, Great Eastern Malaysia has remained committed to cultivating a progressive working culture and grooming the next generation of young leaders through their bespoke Management Associate (MA) Programme. Through the 24-month programme, selected graduates undergo an accelerated induction experience where they are exposed to a range of business functions such as Corporate Governance, Actuarial, and Operations, apart from being coached and mentored by leaders of the organisation. Our team recently sat down with Laura Chien and Faiq Hassin – two Great Eastern MA alumni – as they shared with us how the MA Programme has enabled them to get a step ahead in their careers.

For Laura, diversity is a sign of progressive culture, and the people you work with do matter

Great Eastern Management Associate Programme LauraAs a Mass Communications graduate from Taylor’s University, Laura Chien Su-Lynn has never limited herself to only the creative industry. Keen to widen her horizons, she was drawn to the Great Eastern Management Associate Programme as she believes it would provide immense exposure into the financial services industry while still being tailored to an individual’s interests and aspirations. What’s more, the highly sought programme attracted young talents from diverse education backgrounds such as Law, Engineering, and even Biology, to which Laura would eventually work alongside for special events and projects. For Laura, working with people from different backgrounds is just as important as gaining experience from on-the-job training as it hones an individual’s people skills, develops one’s perspectives, and builds lasting relationships – all of which are crucial aspects for a talent to progress in his or her career.

Great Eastern Management Associate Programme In recalling the programme’s application and selection process, Laura recalls the interview process as a positive one, with the interviewers being incredibly warm and engaging. That was when she knew Great Eastern was the one, being able to envision herself working in the organisation and growing her career in a company that cares for people. Undoubtedly, the people you work with matter.

What’s Laura’s advice to young graduates who are kick-starting their careers? Keep an open mind and be flexible!

A Biomedical Science graduate, Faiq took charge of his career and decided to take the leap

Great Eastern Management Associate Programme FaiqDespite graduating with a Biomedical Science degree, Faiq Hassin knew he wanted to explore something different in the working world. To achieve that, he was aware that he needed a guided and structured development programme, one that would provide on-the-job rotation, involvement in company-wide projects, and opportunities to engage with senior leadership. From working with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on company initiatives to designing wellness events for the benefit of employees, one of Faiq’s most memorable projects as an MA was to develop new business strategies for the Senior Management Team of Great Eastern Malaysia. This special project was one of the many development initiatives designed to enable young associates to develop fresh ideas and build their confidence speaking to senior leaders.

For Faiq, the hands-on experience provided by the Great Eastern MA Programme enables young, aspiring professional to develop their leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills to the maximum potential. If you’re looking to accelerate your career through a structured graduate programme, here’s Faiq’s advice: research the programme and curriculum to ensure it provides you the opportunities you need to progress in your career journey.

Did Laura and Faiq’s story inspire you? Apply for the Great Eastern Management Associate Programme today!

As part of the Great Eastern team, you will be making a difference the moment you walk through the door. There is no better place to kick-start your career than somewhere that provides equal growth opportunities for all. Learn more about the exciting career opportunities at Great Eastern here and apply for the MA Programme today! Applications close on 31 May 2021.


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