5 Ways Great Eastern Malaysia Empowers Their People to Achieve The “GREAT” in Their Career

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Regardless of the size of an organization, it is natural for people to have “off-days” when they are feeling relatively less motivated. This is why more and more companies are seeking new ways to inspire and empower their workforce to ensure that the company cultivates a conducive work environment with a great culture. This will inevitably lead to higher job satisfaction, lower staff turnover, and ultimately a more profitable business.

As the largest life insurance company in Malaysia and one of Asia’s “Best Companies to Work For”, Great Eastern Malaysia is often regarded with respect as a company that ensures their employees consistently feel valued for their hard work. But what’s their secret in making great employees thrive and stay?

Our team at Prospects dug in deeper and here’s what we uncovered!

1. Learning and Growth

ways great eastern malaysia empowersThere is a direct correlation between an amazing culture and energized workforce. In fact, a study has shown that having a positive workplace culture greatly motivates employees to upskill for long-term career goals rather than learning for the sake of meeting the company’s requirements. Great Eastern Malaysia is a huge advocate of people development and education at the workplace, where they offer various training and development opportunities for their employees throughout the year.

Their newly launched Learning Curriculum provides a well-structured and progressive development framework aimed at upskilling and future-proofing the talents of Great Eastern. Offering both instructor-led courses and self-paced eLearning modules through LinkedIn Learning, the company aims to empower a progressive learning mindset among employees by providing numerous opportunities for learning and growth. On top of this, employees pursuing professional qualifications such as LOMA, ACCA, or AMII are given special study leaves, education reimbursements, or even sponsorships for courses relevant to their role.


2. Career Development

As an organization that is rapidly expanding, Great Eastern Malaysia constantly strives to provide their employees with a platform to grow within the company. It is crucial to nurture these internal talents by providing them the necessary knowledge and information for a fast-tracked career progression as this will motivate and retain quality talents, which is why the company developed an all-encompassing Career Book that details the career trajectory for each role available in the organization!

The Career Book enables talents of Great Eastern to identify the skills and capabilities needed to excel in their career and move up the corporate ladder, hence empowering employees to take charge of their own career development. This is also why Great Eastern offers inter-company career mobility through their Internal Job Posting programme, as it enables employees to move internally within the Great Eastern entities, as well as their parent company, OCBC Bank, across both the Malaysia and Singapore region. By giving their employees growth opportunities, it is a great way to retain exceptional individuals in the organization.


3. Flexible Working Arrangements

ways great eastern malaysia empowers

Technology has radically transformed the way businesses operate all over the world, especially in this post-pandemic era where remote working has become the new norm. As employees have started being comfortable adhering to a flexible working hour format over the past year, it is important for organizations to adapt accordingly in order to remain a competitive employer.
Flexibility is key to Great Eastern Malaysia and the company remains committed to providing an inclusive and progressive workplace. Their Flexi Working Hours policy enables employees to accommodate their personal commitments, and their WFH policy allows eligible employees to work remotely for several days a week, allowing for greater flexibility for employees to integrate their work and life in a meaningful manner. The key here is to give employees the freedom to choose where they prefer to work, which will inevitably foster greater trust and accountability among employees and their leaders, hence resulting in greater job satisfaction and employee engagement.


4. Health and Wellness

A healthy employee is a happy and productive employee. This is why motivating employees to prioritize their physical and mental wellbeing is something every company should take into account. From improving diets and encouraging exercise to providing a safe space to nurture mental wellbeing, Great Eastern Malaysia’s award-winning LIFE Programme is designed with an array of health-centric activities that empower employees to take good care of their health even at the workplace. What’s great about this programme is that every participation and activity will earn employees LIFE points, where they can then use to reimburse gym memberships, WFH set up, offset insurance premiums, or other purchases that will help keep their health and wellbeing in check!


5. A Progressive Culture

Best-selling author of Digital Teamwork, Erica Dhawan shares that “another key to staying motivated is knowing that the work you’re doing makes a difference in some way.” An organization’s long-term sustainability is undoubtedly built upon its people working together to achieve a common objective, and it is the individual effort of each employee that results in the company’s collective success.

As one of Malaysia’s preferred employer in the ‘Insurance’ category, Great Eastern Malaysia is committed to building a great organisational culture, one that values inclusivity and diversity where views and opinions of employees are heard and respected, and everyone works together as one. Living out the core values of Integrity, Initiative, and Involvement, employees are called to ‘Do The Right Thing’, ‘Take The Lead’, and ‘Choose We Over Me’. A great culture is vital to creating a highly motivated and engaged workforce, and conscious efforts to build a great workplace culture will ensure the company retains its talents over the long term.


While there is no one-size-fits-all approach for how organizations can motivate their employees, taking in some of Great Eastern Malaysia’s surefire methods will result in a happier and more productive workplace. Every company is different, hence making the right adjustments and changes as you discover what works and what does not will perfect your motivation strategy for the individuals in your company. At the end of the day, this effort will result in greater dedication and a positive perspective for the company’s future, as it has for Great Eastern Malaysia since 1908.


Discover the GREAT in your career and learn more about the opportunities available at Great Eastern Malaysia

As part of Great Eastern, you will be making a difference from the moment you walk through the door, enriching both your life and the live of others.

If you are interested in exploring a career with the leading life insurance company in Malaysia, visit the Great Eastern Malaysia website to learn more about the company’s culture and ongoing developments. Alternatively, if you are a fresh graduate looking to start your professional career with the Great Eastern Management Associate Programme, start your application process here.

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