How To Answer The Most Boring Yet Essential Interview Questions 2021

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College has been an intense roller coaster with all the last-minute assignments and back-to-back exam papers, and now, you feel like you can finally get the breather you need to calm down from the storm. Well, think again. Your adult life is just getting started and as a fresh graduate, your main concern now is to apply for a job, attend the interview, and hopefully, land a position that complements your degree. At this stage, you might have started doing your own research on some of the most common interview questions, and seeing the recommended answer, you might be thinking, “Won’t I sound conceited?” It’s not easy to give an unforgettable answer when some of the annoying interview questions these people ask are like “What are your greatest weakness?” which, might I say, is such an old and unproductive question to ask an interviewee.

Now, if you were asked these anxiety-driven interview questions, we got you covered! Here is our top 3 list of the most nerve-wracking interview questions and how you can give them a productive and unforgettable answer!

1. What Are Your Greatest Weakness?

The last thing you would want to say is, “I have no weaknesses,” because clearly, that’s a big fat lie. Instead, you should explain what you have been doing in order to work on yourself and improve what you are lacking. The perfect formula to this question is strength > weakness > solution > reflection, which will sound somewhat like:

As we previously discussed, my strengths are in team building where I thrive when it comes to communicating, motivating, and executing strategies. The area where I lack strengths is in being a visionary or a deep financial analytical person. Hence, I make sure to build a team that has those abilities. No one person can be good at everything but a team can, thus I believe it is crucial to building a team of people who complements each other since creating a productive work environment is a strength of mine.

2. Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

Unless you are certain about everything, most people have absolutely zero ideas as to where life will take them in the next five years. Maybe there is some decent planning in one year to come but five years? Probably not. However, the safest way to answer this question is, to be honest, and focus on what you want to learn in the future to better your employability, such as:

Personally, I’m the type to have one-year planning instead of five because I believe focusing on smaller goals bit by bit can bring fast pace changes into my life. So, a year from now, I would love to have advanced my skills from just a casual user to an expert in applications such as WordPress, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. I would love to improve my skills in Illustrator.

3. We Have So Many Talented Candidates — Why Should We Hire You?

Remember that when answering this question, you should never compare yourself to other candidates because you really never know who you are up against. Instead, focus on your own strengths and how you can complement the team. Emphasize your passion for the role and how your personal goals and skills match the job profile and would be a great addition to the team.

From what I’ve heard about this job opportunity, I understand that your company is expanding and you are looking for a Marketing Coordinator who can (list out some of the mentioned responsibilities). From that, I can confidently say that from my personal experience working at my previous company, I managed to (mention some of your own achievements that aligned with those responsibilities).



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