The Journey of 2 Aspiring Business Professionals Pursuing the ICAEW ACA Through the Sunway Global Accounting Scholarship

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Highschool graduates are frequently faced with the question “What am I supposed to do next?”. According to a research conducted, over 52% of students are unsure on how to plan for their career. Although they may have the option to attend education fairs and speak to university counselors, it can still be overwhelming to have so many options in the market today.

While there are a wide variety of education majors in the recent years, we have observed an increase in the number of students pursuing the field of accounting and finance. Many assume an accountant’s job scope is mostly based on crunching numbers and spreadsheets. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that chartered accountants today go beyond tax and audit work, as they often play an important role in advising the management in making key strategic decisions to ensure the business is steered in the right direction.

Over the years, ICAEW has opened doors for many students across different social classes to pursue quality education programmes through their various scholarship initiatives. While there are many related stories over the years, in this article we bring you insights from two Sunway TES students who share about their story and experience throughout their ICAEW ACA and CFAB journey.

Ng Wei Xuan tells her story about why the ICAEW ACA programme is the ideal path for students who aspire to become business professionals

icaew aca sunway wei xuanGrowing up in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, ambitious and aspiring Ng Wei Xuan studied at SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (2) and graduated in 2018. Her parents are blessed with two children – both of which are pursuing the ICAEW ACA. Wei Xuan’s elder brother is currently progressing to the advanced level, while she’s currently completing her first professional level paper.

As she was inspired by her brother to pursue the ICAEW ACA, she was thrilled when she learned that she was awarded the Global Accountant Scholarship to pursue her ACA studies at Sunway TES, which is known for its quality teaching and education facilities. Among the many things that Wei Xuan enjoyed within the ACA programme, one thing that particularly stood out was the internship portion, which is embedded in the programme to enable students to gain real working experience with top employers. Being able to intern at a global firm at a young age of only 19 years old, Wei Xuan gained valuable experience that enabled her to develop better understanding of the industry and build employer-valued skills for her future career.

Her journey with ICAEW has been intuitive, owing to the fact that the qualification is well-structured and adaptable to any sector in the industry. Ultimately, she hopes to build an international career after completing the ICAEW ACA qualification, which is recognised across 190 countries and can serve as a global passport for anyone who aspires to across different countries.

Heng Le-Anne shares about her ICAEW journey at Sunway and where she hopes it would take her in the future

icaew aca sunway le-anneHeng Le-Anne is a determined and driven individual based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor who graduated from Nobel International School. She is an inspiration to her one and only younger brother and was raised by parents who are former accountants. She had completed O-levels before proceeding to pursue the Australian Matriculation in Sunway College.

Her story with ICAEW began after being encouraged by her parents, realizing that the courses offered are not only reputable, but also designed to accelerate one’s pathway to employment through the ICAEW training agreement. Her choice to study at Sunway TES is mainly based on its well-earned reputation in consistently producing world prize winners. Le-Anne reflects that the ICAEW ACA programme is flexible when it comes to their study arrangements that include e-learning, distance learning, and classroom-based tuition format, which enables her to customize the schedule based on her personal commitments.

Through the ICAEW ACA programme, she believes that she has been equipped with high-level business skills and knowledge to prepare herself in the real working world. Another point to highlight is that the ICAEW course syllabus is continuously updated to reflect the current economy and technological advancements, providing knowledge that will give her the ability to adapt to the everchanging industry.


Interested to Learn How You Can Build a Resilient Career in Business & Finance Like Wei Xuan and Le-Anne? Here’s What You Can Do to Get Started…

If you’re looking to explore a career in the field of business & finance, you can consider pursuing a professional qualification to fast-track your career aspirations. Among the many professional qualifications, the ICAEW ACA is a highly recognised and sought-after qualification. It is also one of the most advanced learning and professional development programmes available.

School leavers or graduates from any background or discipline can pursue the ICAEW ACA at Sunway TES Centre of Accounting Excellence, one of ICAEW’s training providers in Malaysia.

To learn more, you can contact ICAEW via:

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