A Glimpse into the ICAEW Career Pathway from 3 Aspiring Students from the University of Derby Programme at HELP

ICAEW Derby Programme

For the most part, people correlate accounting as one homogenous industry when in reality, people can take a myriad of accounting career paths. It is also a brilliant choice due to its significant growth in the industry, a seemingly high median salary, and constant demand for qualified accounting professionals. This is why when one decides to pursue a career in the accounting and finance field, they eventually realise that it is much more extensive and diverse than one might think.

Acquiring the ICAEW Business and Finance Professional (BFP) designation is also a great stepping stone for a young professional towards becoming a well-respected professional in any organisation. Obtaining the BFP designation helps professionals demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and experience in business and finance through high ethical and technical standards, and allows a pathway towards completing the ICAEW ACA qualification as well.

On that note, three students of the University of Derby’s BA (Hons) in Accounting & Finance at HELP Academy in KL are here to share their experiences and how this opportunity will guide their future.

Evelyn Toh believes that the University of Derby is the perfect path for her to be recognised as a UK degree holder

ICAEW Derby Programme Evelyn TohBorn and raised in one of Malaysia’s most historical and cultural states, Evelyn Toh, is a student from the University of Derby (UoD) at HELP Academy. Currently, in her second-year undergraduate programme in Accounting & Finance, Evelyn shares her incredible experiences with her lecturers and how the UoD BAAF programme aligns with her dream to pursue a UK degree, while still residing in her home country. Additionally, she believes that her most prominent advantage is learning with professionally qualified lecturers who are both patient and genuinely passionate about teaching.

Evelyn believes that the accounting industry offers various career pathways, so she is always open to trying new things and never restricting herself. Eager to join an organization that prioritises career growth, she plans to pursue ICAEW’s ACA qualification after finishing her degree programme. Evelyn believes that as a global professional body for chartered accountants, the course will provide her with practical and technical aspects and equip her with the necessary tools to be an adaptable professional accountant that can survive uncertain times in the future.

From a Foundation in Arts to a Degree in Accounting & Finance, Andel Quek dreams of joining the field of Assurance in one of the Big Four firms

Andel QuekAndel Quek Xu Kuan, a graduate from Stella Maris Highschool in Pudu, pursued a Foundation in Arts at HELP University in 2017 as his pre-university education. Regardless, after contemplating his options, Andel decided to take a leap by majoring in Accounting and Finance at University of Derby. He believes that it will provide a broader range of career options in the lucrative field of business and finance. What drew him into this programme the most is that it is cost-effective while allowing students to study in a foreign university without bearing the costs of studying overseas. Moreover, being surrounded by lecturers who are dedicated to supporting their students will enable them to use all the knowledge they have learned.

He has always strived to learn more about the structure and operations of different businesses in various industries, which is why Andel aspires to work in Assurance in one of the Big Four firms. To achieve that, he plans to pursue an ICAEW professional qualification after graduating. With ICAEW’s reputation for being a well-known chartered accounting body, Andel is excited to go through the best training through its vast network of industry leaders that will surely benefit him in the long run.

With over 96% student employability rate, Sivaani Devi believes that she has made the right decision for choosing the University of Derby

Turning 20 this year, Sivaani Devi is born and raised in Klang as the youngest child among four siblings. Coming from a family with great values and beliefs, she has always been eager to explore new things, which led her to participate in choral speaking and singing competition in high school. Her active participation in extra-curricular activities has shaped her into a more disciplined and well-rounded individual, which ultimately led her to be awarded the HELP University Distinction Award for her Foundation programme. By starting at HELP University in Foundation in Arts, it has provided her ample opportunities to take up different subjects and discover what she will enjoy doing for the rest of her working life. Additionally, Sivaani is also eager to graduate from the University of Derby with a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance as she will receive a Certificate of Completion from the university itself. This UK certificate will add value to her resume, being the sixth most improved university in the UK with over 96% student employability rate.

As a HELP student, Sivaani shares that this programme has equipped her with knowledge to carry herself in the corporate world through modules that are relevant today. One of the contributing factors to the UoD programme in HELP Academy is its smaller-scaled classes and easily approachable lecturers who continuously seek fresh and new education methods for their students. Ever since she was a little girl, Sivaani was always told to keep her options open. Hence, obtaining the ICAEW ACA will aid her in serving the needs of the corporate environment, while also provide her the “Chartered Accountancy” designation. With her vision of working amongst other young professionals, she is committed to working hard and making her goals a reality.

Interested to learn how you can build a resilient career in Business & Finance like Evelyn, Andel, and Sivaani? Here’s how you can get started…

If you’re looking to explore a career in the field of business & finance, you can consider pursuing a professional qualification to fast-track your career aspirations. Among the many professional qualifications, the ICAEW ACA is a highly recognised and sought-after qualification. It is also one of the most advanced learning and professional development programmes available.

School leavers or graduates from any background or discipline can pursue the ICAEW ACA at Sunway TES Centre of Accounting Excellence, one of ICAEW’s training providers in Malaysia.

To learn more, you can contact ICAEW via:
• Email: Andrew.Yew@icaew.com
• Phone: +603 2171 6022
• Website: Link


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