5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Professional Business & Finance Qualification

Did you know that every year, over 200,000 students graduate from university in Malaysia?

As the number of graduates in the country rises exponentially, the job market is getting more competitive than ever before. Additionally, the business landscape is also evolving, demanding young professionals to possess technical knowledge, soft skills and a high level of commercial awareness that will enable them to navigate a more globalised, connected world and be able to think more critically and creatively.

One way to prepare for the future of work is to pursue a qualification that trains you to be an agile thinker and leader, qualities which will add value to both your profession and life. For example, the fact that ICAEW Chartered Accountants (ACAs) are highly regarded across the globe is due to the invaluable business insights they provide when advising the world’s leading companies.

Here are 5 ways pursuing a professional business and finance qualification will help you stand out:


1. Be at the forefront of the latest developments in the world of investment and finance

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Words such as ‘investment’ and ‘finance’ may intimidate you. In reality, these concepts provide you with a deep understanding of how the world works. Understanding basic economic principles, how world events impact financial markets, and how to assess a firm’s financial health will make you a valuable asset to companies, regardless of the industry. Holding a professional qualification in business will place you in the thick of action, playing an engaging role in the world’s most exciting businesses.

For key life purchases – buying a house or a car – you may look to financial loans as an option. You may confront questions like ‘How do I decide when it is safe to borrow?’ for instance. Pursuing professional studies gives you a good understanding of the inner workings of the financial processes that directly relate to how you live your life.


2. Develop professionalism and strong commercial awareness from an early age

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Many graduates only decide to pursue a professional business qualification down the road – and hone the skills that come with it later in life. Starting early however, will give you a competitive edge from the onset of your tertiary education. For instance, learning the ropes of accounting (the language of business) will prepare you to navigate various financial terrains. A professional qualification programme will also challenge you to think critically and employ professional skepticism, as you will often be exposed to real-life work environments and projects.

When you join your first company as a business and finance professional, you will have already developed the essential business acumen to enable you to think on a higher level. Whether it is executing a special project or day-to-day tasks, you will always be able to put the bigger picture into perspective.


3. Unlock the entrepreneur inside you: Leave your mark on the world

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More and more aspiring entrepreneurs are taking an interest in finance and accounting, both of which are crucial elements to successfully start and run a business. Entrepreneurs want to add value to the world, disrupt existing norms and trends, and work in an agile manner to make more effective changes to society, breaking away from rigid corporate structures that may hinder their ability to dream big.

Entrepreneurship also demands resilience, creativity, adaptability, and resourcefulness – all of which are common traits of successful business professionals such as ICAEW ACAs. Studying for a professional business and finance qualification will equip you with the right entrepreneurial skills and mindset to identify opportunities and act on them to thrive in whichever industry that interests you.

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4. Develop transferable skills that will make you an invaluable asset across all industries

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Whatever the nature of business and industry, companies need a business and finance professional to strategically shape their business development and growth. They need people to direct comprehensive action plans and provide sound professional advice. Studying for a professional business and finance qualification does not only endow you with textbook knowledge – it gets you ready to anticipate and solve different types of scenarios that happen on a daily basis in the real world.

When you are equipped with the ability to engage with various stakeholders, persuade C-suite executives to invest in your company, and work efficiently with technology, the world is your oyster. This would explain why many professionals work across different industries, including fashion, sport, technology, financial services, and even the arts, whether with multi-national corporates or boutique consultancies.

From helping launch new, innovative technologies to deciding whether to execute a proposal in high-risk environments, your business knowledge and insights will help determine the course of a company’s future.


5. Take on leadership and advisory roles

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Studying for a professional business and finance qualification will  push you out of your comfort zone to learn to problem solve effectively, engage with different types of people, persevere under extreme pressure, and integrate discipline into your work and personal life.

Indeed, all of these traits are what successful business leaders and entrepreneurs have in common.

Take for example ICAEW ACAs, premier business and finance professionals who are valued around the world over for their expertise, insight, business acumen, and ethics. Throughout the study programme, ICAEW ACAs are taught the essentials of leadership , which is why many ICAEW ACAs are captains of industry.


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If you’re considering attaining a professional business and finance qualification, then learn more about the ICAEW ACA to fast-track your professional career aspirations. You can contact ICAEW Malaysia via:

It’s worth noting that you don’t actually need an accounting background to study the ICAEW ACA. And for school leavers, you can start the programme as soon as you complete the SPM or O-Levels examinations.


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