Fresh Graduate to Senior Auditor: How the ICAEW ACA Qualification Led Christie Towards A Successful International Career

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The rate of emerging graduates continues to rise every year, making the working landscape all the more competitive. With the large number of applicants piling up for limited job vacancies, it is becoming increasingly important for young graduates to obtain more than just an undergraduate degree if they aspire to stand out from the crowd. One way that this can be achieved is by pursuing a globally recognised professional qualification such as the ICAEW ACA, which provides world-class knowledge and tools that can equip you with both the essential leadership and technical skills to succeed in the industry.

In this feature, we have brought back Christie Grace from our previous feature, an ICAEW ACA graduate who is now working in one of the Big 4 firms, to share her perspectives on how the ACA qualification has galvanised a successful career path for her.

How the ICAEW ACA Qualification Unlocks Doors to a Global Career Giving Young Professionals an Edge over others

As a young professional from Indonesia, being able to experience the working life in Malaysia has given Christie Grace a great deal of valuable international work experience. Through the continuous support she has received from friendly colleagues, mentors, and supportive seniors, she has come a long way and grown tremendously into an experienced assistant manager – deal advisory. Being able to experience work life in one of the prestigious Big 4 Accounting firms abroad has groomed her well and even provided her with the opportunity to be an Assistant Manager in deal advisory, tasked to lead and supervise the team. All of this was only made possible because of the ICAEW ACA training she received, which prepared her well for her professional career and made her aware of the different career paths that she can pursue as an ACA.

According to Christie, the ICAEW ACA qualification inspired her to pursue a career as a professional chartered accountant as she believed that not only will it help her stand out, but also provide her with an edge by having a certified skillset. Throughout her ICAEW ACA training, Christie was exposed to exam topics that covered a variety of relevant technical and application-based modules, as well as topics such as financial management, assurance, and business strategy. What truly differentiates ICAEW ACA from other professional qualifications is that the modules are highly relevant and tailored for graduates to directly apply in the workplace today. This makes it an incredibly valuable asset that can help any young professional to build their employability and confidence in their early career.

Insights into The Realities of a Chartered Accountant Career and How the ICAEW ACA Prepares You for It

icaew aca qualificationIt can feel daunting when you are thrown into real-work life without any relevant work experience. However, Christie shares, “In addition to the exam modules, the ACA qualification structure also requires the completion of certain practical work experience, I definitely feel better equipped compared to my peers as I have gained a combination of business knowledge, accountancy skills, and real-world work experience.” As Christie aspires to become a business leader and trusted advisor in influential global organisations, she believes that the ICAEW ACA qualification will provide her with the skills and recognition required to succeed in her career. Additionally, the ICAEW learning modules and training received provide her the professional development needed.

Chartered accountants around the world hold a vital position that enables organisations to achieve their financial and strategic goals, while also shaping the success of the business. “I believe that ICAEW ACA qualification is a valuable professional qualification which builds the bridge towards my future career goals,” shared Christie, who is someone who believed in hard work over talent. Her secret to success is time management and passion.
While working full-time and studying simultaneously may be a huge challenge, learning how to be disciplined and manage your time well is the key to success. Christie encourages people to find interest in what they are learning by looking at the real-world context because that way, learning may come easier and all your hard work will pay off in the end.

Ready to Empower Your Career with a Globally Recognised Professional Qualification? Learn More about the ICAEW ACA!

If you’re inspired by Christie’s story and would like to learn more about how the ICAEW ACA can empower your professional career aspirations, contact ICAEW South-East Asia via:

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It’s worth noting that you don’t actually need an accounting or finance background to pursue the ICAEW ACA.


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