Interview Question Tips: Why Do You Want to Work Here

interview question tips why work here

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially when you are certainly looking forward to attaining the position. So, you try your hardest not to screw up. One common interview question candidates encounter is “why do you want to work here?”. It sounds simple but it is actually challenging and tricky. If you start off your answer on the wrong foot, it might just ruin your overall performance!

The question is frequently asked by recruiters and hiring managers not to mess with their candidates, but they want to make sure the individual is fit for their company. After all, they have taken their time to learn about the interviewees, so candidates must make an effort to do the same as well.

When people hear this question either in the beginning, middle or end of an interview (it can come up anytime, so be aware!), most of them panic leading them to vague answers. Instead of trying to get it over with quick, they should take their time and collect their thoughts before answering. If a background research has been done, the struggle should be less.

Hence, what kind of research do you need to do to ace this question? Here are some tips:

1. Learn about the company’s profile

The first (obvious) step is to visit the company’s website that you’re applying to and read about them. An established company covers nearly everything from their vision, mission, awards and accomplishments while updating them regularly. Find out their current or past projects to gain an understanding of their values and beliefs.

Once you are done, ask yourself if the company fits to your needs. Which part of it excites you and drives you to work for their company? Do they share the same set of goals or beliefs as you? It’s important to highlight these aspects during your interview and let them know you are serious to work for them.

2. Study the job description thoroughly

Secondly, the key factor when applying jobs is making sure you are fully equipped with the information of the role. Take note of the requirements that involve skills and experiences needed before you proceed with your application. Habitually, people tend to scan through the job description at one glance, overlooking possible important details. When they are asked such questions, they might miss out on the key words written in the description.

Consequently, explain in detail why the role attracts you and how you can contribute to the company. Relating your answers back to the role would give you a better chance in securing the position. When recruiters ask why do you want to work at their company, it could also mean: i) what do you have to offer or ii) why does the role interest you. Therefore, you can also opt to answer based on your qualifications.

3. Be conscious of the corporate culture

Lastly, no one wants to work in a company with a culture that does not resonate with them. What happens if the environment is not how you expected especially after successfully getting the job?

This is when an extra effort needs to be made by getting a first-hand account from current and former employees of the company. If you don’t have their contact details, then LinkedIn is the way to go! Connect with them, inform them you are planning to apply for their company and that you would like gain more insight into the company culture.

Alternatively, although online reviews are not as reliable due to the inconsistency, but there might be additional answers to your questions that you could not ask the employees directly. Are they mostly positive or negative? Do the pros outweigh the cons? Try to look out if there are repetitive and similar reviews.


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