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Work culture is a buzzword that has gained extraordinary traction across the globe, particularly amongst Millennial and Gen-Z talents. In fact, a LinkedIn study discovered that 70% of graduates would not join a company – even a reputable one – if it doesn’t cultivate a positive working environment that resonates with our personal values. Even more intriguing is how many Millennials are willing to accept lower salaries in return for companies that prioritise employee wellbeing and development as part of their culture. Yet, many businesses are still slow to adapt.

Among the many employers that have tried to crack the culture code, iProspect is one of the few who have successfully managed to engineer a sustainable, vibrant culture that aligns to both their vision and Millennials’ working habits. In the last year alone, the digital agency has hit the ground running by tripling their team to over 150 highly motivated individuals. As iProspect depends on their exceptional talents to make a mark in Malaysia’s digital marketing sector, they are fostering a synergistic and exciting environment for employees to maximise their potential.

If you’re one of millions of Millennials looking to experience the opposite of a typical corporate environment, then read on to find out how the world’s most influential digital performance agency is changing the way we work in Malaysia:

1. Creating a Culture that Facilitates the Ideal Work-Life Balance for Millennials

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A large number of Millennial talents today are facing work fatigue. They view traditional notions of work differently from their parents. While they desire progress and development in their professional careers, they don’t want to be chained to their desks. Rather, they prefer to strike a balanced work and personal life – to integrate more time for themselves, expand their personal interests, travel the world and experience other cultures.

With these work culture trends in mind, iProspect is anticipating evolving workplace demands by introducing meaningful initiatives to help employees achieve that optimal work-life balance, including:

  • Flex Friday – an initiative that provides employees with the opportunity to work remotely every second Friday of the month. This even enables employees with the oft-rare opportunity to catch a flight for a long weekend and work on the plane, for example.
  • Flex$ Claims – an initiative that promotes wellbeing by providing financial benefits that cover a range of elements from gym membership fees and dental costs to childcare support for employees starting a family. Employees can even claim for flights and accommodation for personal travel when they need a short escape from the city, whether it’s to local or international destinations. This is testament to their commitment to show appreciation for their people in encouraging them to lead healthy and invigorating lives.


2. Empowering Their People with the Freedom to Explore New Knowledge Frontiers

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iProspect is constantly empowering their team of creatives with an abundance of opportunities to upskill and diversify their skillsets, which will better facilitate cross-departmental collaborations and enhance personal employability.

In January 2019, iProspect initiated a programme called ‘Knowledge College’. Through these ‘Knowledge College’ sessions, employees from various departments come together to explore the industry’s latest trends to support each other in ongoing capability development that spans across business functions. For example, their social media managers will learn about the basics of graphic design, while content writers would go more in depth into SEO trends.

These sessions encourage employees to proactively develop themselves beyond the conventional training sessions. From these collaborative sessions, individual team members will continue to develop transferable skills, gaining cutting-edge perspectives and leadership insights over time. In turn, they sharpen their ability to successfully work through a large client proposal or a small internal project.


3. Cultivating Great Leaders from Within and Advocating Diversity

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The young workforce prides itself in attracting a team of passionate and bold digital marketers from across the globe to achieve better synergy through diversity. Diversity – as well as gender balance – is key to iProspect’s brand appeal to Millennials. By hiring people from over 17 different countries, iProspect strives to create a dynamic space where different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds interact with each other in unexpected ways.

These unique synergies challenge the team’s creatives to open up to new viewpoints and beliefs, enriching their ability to think outside the box, especially when conceptualizing ideas to effectively solve business challenges.

Equally noteworthy is how iProspect invests as much in retaining and developing their talents as they do in hiring driven individuals. It’s no surprise that over half of iProspect’s managers are internally promoted. Combined with a balanced 50:50 gender ratio across all levels – from junior staff to department heads – this reflects the company’s mission to develop a diverse group of world-class leaders from within who can transform industries.


Are You Ready to Elevate Your Work Life?

If you’re an ambitious and self-driven person looking to work with a team of passionate and energetic creatives, visit iProspect’s LinkedIn page to explore rewarding opportunities that will empower you to realise your potential.

You can also find out more about iProspect’s vision, mission and values on their website, as well read up on exciting developments and trends in the digital marketing industry.


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Note: This article was published in partnership with Consider iProspect, the world’s leading influential digital performance agency.


  1. What a load of horse shit, stay away from this company. Politicking at its very best. Ass kissing culture, high turnover rate in staffing. HOD’s and directors are clueless. Overworking to keep clients happy is the norm.

  2. Half of the people in the pictures have already left this company…..That should give u an indication about this place


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