The Thai Professor Who Added ACA to the PhD After Her Name

jarunee wonglimpiyarat icaew portrait
Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat (picture) can now add ACA to the PhD after her name, having passed the exam through ICAEW’s Pathways to Membership scheme

I began to see my career direction when I studied accountancy at the Bachelor’s degree level. When I worked as a science policy researcher at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Thailand, I was interested in the role of academia in the national innovation system – the process of university technology transfer and commercialisation. My boss supported me by giving me permission to transfer to the education/academic sector.

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It’s a pleasure to help the young generation learn. I am a professor in the Technology Management Program at Thammasat University (I became a professor within the shortest time on record). I help them apply finance and accounting to technology management.

My research interest is innovation in finance. It is interesting to see technological disruption in the financial services industry. Non-banks compete with banks using technology to gain a competitive advantage. Technology is going to disrupt the academic sector because a physical university will no longer be necessary.

I was the only person from South East Asia to work for Boston University in America with top-ranked publications in Management of Technology and Technology Innovation Management. I am a visiting professor there. I was recently named as one of the top 15 most productive authors of journals in blockchain technology research worldwide. In Thailand I am helping set up various venture capital funds to support technology-based firms.

I studied the ACA because being a member of ICAEW means an entry into the world of highly qualified accountants where I can apply the knowledge of accountancy to every business. For example, pricing intellectual property-based innovations or technology auditing.

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