Journaling: 30 Things To Leave Behind in 2021 For Healthier Relationships and Career in 2022

things leave behind in 2021

New Year, New Me’ is the ever-so-popular statement people just love to claim at the beginning of every new year. Kickstarting the year with pure joy and excitement over the new years’ resolutions we’ve listed down. However, setting the right goals without thoroughly reflecting on the previous year might lead to us falling into the same bad habits or negative circles that are self-sabotaging. With the arrival of a new year, our responsibility is to use this time to reflect on our relationships, career, business, achievements, failures, and goals. While 2021 has been an insanely draining year, to achieve a better year ahead, here is our list of things you should leave behind in 2021 for healthier and more successful relationships and careers in 2022.

things leave behind in 2021

1. Saying ‘Yes’ when you really want to say ‘No.’

2. Be a people pleaser as a way to maintain relationships with others.
3. Career decisions that do not support your overall health and wellbeing.
4. The immense pressure you put on your body to be or look a certain way.
5. Keep being the ‘giver’ even when people fail to reciprocate the same energy.
6. Not making time for the people who brings pure joy and content into your life.
7. Staying silent when something is bothering you.
8. Caring about family members’ constant comments and judgments on your life/career choices.
9. Pouring into others and not giving yourself the same amount.
10. Grinding into the ‘hustle’ life to the point of sheer exhaustion and burnout.
11. Letting yourself be “guilted” into doing things you don’t want to do.

12. Being upset at people who do not want/are not ready to change or grow.

13. Doing the most work in relationships just to prove that you are worthy of love, respect, and care.
14. One-sided relationships.
15. Overcommitting yourself in things that you have no interest in.
16. Staying in emotionally draining relationships and friendships.
17. Expect people to ‘read your mind’ while failing to communicate your needs clearly.
18. Excusing red flags and toxic traits in people by saying, “that’s just how they are.”
19. Blaming yourself for things you have zero control over.
20. Forcing connections as a way to avoid being alone and wanting reciprocity.
21. Reacting in the heat of the moment, rather than taking a step back to calm yourself and think before responding.

22. Putting yourself last and others above you as a sign of unconditional love.

23. Not prioritizing the little things or hobbies that used to make you happy.
24. Being people’s emotional and problem dumpster and carrying their baggage with you.
25. Settling out of fear of the consequences even when you know you deserve better.
26. Being ashamed of your mental health condition.
27. Feeling guilty for taking some time off to relax and reset your mind.
28. Investing time and energy into people who don’t take the initiative to check in on you.
29. Choosing fear of failure over trying.
30. Poor hygiene. (We have Ms. Corona to thank for reminding us how important this is)

Getting Rid Of Old Habits Mean You Will Need New Ones To Replace Them With

Essentially, getting rid of unhealthy or negative habits and patterns that stop up from truly thriving this new year is a vital first step. This also means that we would have to work on building new and healthier habits to replace the old, unhealthy ones. While it might be hard and will surely take you some time to adjust, one day you will look back and be thankful because it will all be worth it.



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