4 Things You Can Say to Make Yourself Exceptionally Likable on Video Calls

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When the pandemic struck, it might have caught some of us off guard with everyone’s sudden infatuation with video calls and Zoom. While the majority of us despise the idea of having to put ourselves in front of the camera for reasons as simple as a messy room to something as serious as our crippling anxiety, 2020 has truly taught us how critical video calls are to bring people together. Whether it is for marketing purposes or to keep colleagues connected while working from home, trying to appear likable or making a good first impression in a video call is much harder than in person.

According to a study done by the Journal, job candidates who attend virtual interviews tend to receive lower interview scores, likeability ratings and have a much less chance of getting hired compared to face-to-face interviews. This shows that on video calls, people are more likely to judge a person through first impression rather than what they are saying.

However, now that the world has decided to turn its back on us, we have gathered 4 magical phrases that you can use during video calls or virtual interviews to make yourself instantly likeable.

1. “Can you say that again? I want to write it down.”

To hear someone says, “I never thought of it that way.” or “That is such a great idea! Let me write it down so I won’t forget it.” will work wonders on practically anyone. Not only will it melt the speaker’s heart, it will also portray you as someone who is open-minded, curious and inquisitive. Phrases like these work as a huge compliment as it shows that not only were you listening, but you also cared enough to want to remember what they said. While complimenting someone’s appearance and fashion sense are great, there’s nothing better than telling someone that you love the way they think.

2. “Thanks for asking….”

When people ask us questions, it’s easy to get swept up in the moment, only focusing on our answers. In life, we often missed the opportunity to instill value in others, to make the other person feel valuable and appreciated.

Thanks for asking, I learned that from my father.

By allowing yourself to show gratitude towards others, not only will you get to give an answer but you are also portraying yourself as a thoughtful person that people would love to have within their circle.

3. “I would love to hear your input on it.”

The trick to connecting with people is by asking them about any challenges that they are going through. However, unless you know the person or what they’re struggling with, not many people are comfortable enough to share their problems with a stranger. A simple way to approach this is by being relatable. Start by sharing your own struggles and then ask them for their input.

I know we don’t work in the same industry but do you face the same issues as well?

By doing this, not only will it help you, but also make the person fonder of you as you’re exhibiting yourselves as someone who does not have your life all figured out.

4. “Sorry I interrupted you, I got way too excited. Please continue.”

It’s only human to accidentally interrupt someone when they’re talking, and it’s definitely something you can’t avoid on video calls. With the number of people and their internet connectivity, it’s not uncommon to have one person accidentally talk over another, especially when it’s a “hot” topic. If you find yourself getting excited and interrupting others, consider using the phrase, “Sorry to interrupt, I’m really into this topic.” At the end of the day, you should always want to allow people to finish their thoughts and this will earn you their utmost respect.

It’s true when they say, “Actions speak louder than words.” But words last forever. Words hold tremendous power and how we choose to speak to people can either travel straight through someone’s ears and into their heart or leave a scar that could possibly never heal. Much like in real life, it is crucial to keep track of the words you are using during video calls, especially in a professional setting. Start adopting these phrases and slowly but surely, people will start to like you, trust you and feel comfortable around you.


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