Top 3 Places to Work in Malaysia This Year with the Best Employee Engagement

bat malaysia kickoff dinner group photo
Image Credit: BAT Malaysia

The formal definition of employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work.

As a young Millennial or Gen-Z professional in the early stages of your career, it is important that you seek for a company beyond just the pay grade and employee benefits. Instead, you should look for companies who value employee engagement and implements the following principles:

  • Engaged Leadership and Commitment: a top-down leadership commitment to engagement as culture (lead by example)
  • Purpose and Action: A company that guides their employees to look at the whole of the company and understand their purpose, where, and how they fit in
  • Transparency: an open culture with minimal bureaucracy and encourages open conversation among employees at all levels

To help narrow down your search, we have highlighed the top Malaysian employers that have been recognized for their employee engagement strategies in this article.

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Here is a breakdown on the top 3 employers in Malaysia with the best employee engagement strategy and initiatives this year as announced in the HR Excellence Awards 2018 (in no particular order):

1. BAT Malaysia

bat malaysia kickoff dinner group photo
Image Credit: BAT Malaysia

On a mission to transform their industry, BAT Malaysia is known to have a culture that is fearless, curious, and global with leading brands in over 200 markets worldwide. Guided by a set of fair minded Employment Principles, it goes without saying that the company is committed to promote diversity in the workforce that goes beyond gender and nationalities. At BAT, every employee’s voice is heard and appreciated, and the unique mix from a diversity of people is the key to looking at challenges from different angles, thus encouraging creative and innovative solutions to meet consumers’ needs.

To learn more about career opportunities with British American Tobacco, click here.

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2. CIMB Group

cimb annual dinner group selfie
Image Credit: CIMB Group

Contrary to popular belief that working in banks is extremely regulated and involves strict office rules, CIMB is dialling down on formalities to enable a more agile mindset by introducing innovative workplace policies. The CIMB management team also believes that it is important to introduce more flexibility for their employees related to   their work culture and career. Additionally, to encourage (and incentivize) their people to give back to the society, CIMB’s Flex4CSR programme allows staff to take one-month paid leave to get involved in CSR work with one of their partner organisations.

To learn more about the cultural transformation initiatives at CIMB, click here.


3. JOS Malaysia

jos malaysia company dinner
Image Credit: JOS Malaysia (Facebook)

With over 6 decades of experience and success in Asia’s technology sector, JOS now boasts over 2,000+ employees across 9 offices in the region. The JOS leadership team believes in inspiring their people to be the best they can and strive for shared success. The principle encourages the employees in the organization to value teamwork, optimism, collaboration, supporting those around (colleagues and external partners), and most importantly to recognize that success is a team effort, not individual glory.

To learn more about the company values and culture at JOS Malaysia, click here.

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