The (Mc)Marketing Behind McDonald’s McShaker Fries (with GIFs)

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This September, McDonald’s is back with their all-time fan favourite – the McShaker Fries (this time, the Spicy McShaker Fries). Besides the fact that we – like millions of fans across ASEAN and the world – love this simple, yet genius invention, we’ve pin-pointed 4 interesting insights from this food phenomenon you can adopt for your next big marketing success:

1. Affordability – Only RM1 For an Upgrade

McDonald’s has re-introduced their McShaker fries with a new spicy powder to spice up your meal. For only RM1 (USD0.25) you can upgrade your plain salted fries to a bag of spicy-seasoned fries. While your fries don’t actually cost RM1, McDonald’s cleverly plays with your psychology by focusing on the tagline “Add RM1”, so the mind thinks “RM1 only? Why not?


2. Exclusivity – For a Limited Time Only

Every once in a while, McDonald re-introduces the McShaker Fries to their menu with different seasonings each time, so it’s not a regular menu item. It was a big hit the first time it was introduced, so why take them out of the menu every once in a while?

Torturing your fans for anticipation? Yes, that’s exactly McDonald’s aim. The McShaker Fries don’t seem all too special. But putting it on the menu ‘for a limited time only’ – at least from past experience – makes fans crave it more the next time it’s re-introduced. Genius.


3. Imagery – It’s All About the Visuals

The image for the Spicy McShaker Fries is visually captivating – and fun, which is a universal element. Whether you’re a Millennial or from an older generation, it appeals to your senses. The fries emerge from a bag, lending motion and a sense of activity. The mixture of red and orange palettes give the picture a punch and encapsulate the simple yet bold persona that is the Spicy McShaker Fries. Beautiful.


4. Hype – Spoiling Fans With Choices

When McDonald’s re-introduced their McShaker Fries in fries in September, that wasn’t all fans could expect. They positioned the re-introduction of the fries alongside the release of a whole new menu, which includes the Double Chocolate Sundae, Salted Caramel Sundae & McFlurry, Sweet Chili Fish Burger, Strawberry Custard Pie, and Hotcakes with Sundae.

By aligning the Spicy McShaker Fries with the release of a new menu of items, McDonald’s provided the extra marketing punch needed to hype up fans not just by 100% – but by 1,000%. So go grab your Spicy McShaker Fries – while you still can.


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