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With total assets of over MYR 752 billion (as of 30 June 2017), Maybank is the leading financial service provider in Malaysia and currently the fourth largest bank in Southeast Asia, with a presence in all 10 ASEAN countries.

There is no perfect formula to starting one’s professional career, but one thing’s definite: having a holistic learning experience and being able to work with other young professionals from a wide range of academic backgrounds will give you the competitive edge you need to jump-start your career. As one of the region’s top recruiter of talents, Maybank strongly believes in encouraging cross-border exposure and network among young ASEAN talents.


Explore the Digital Revolution and Future of Workforce with Maybank Leaders

For the Maybank ASEAN Talent Roadshow 2017, the team has selected a group of highly passionate and exciting Maybank Leaders and Apprentices with great experience engaging with talents. On top of gaining valuable insights about a career in Maybank, you will have the opportunity to get up close with some of the country’s top leaders in the field of investment and digital.

Providing us with their insights on the topic of Workforce Futurisation through Digital Revolution: Technology Meets Human Capital:

1. Ami Moris, Chief Operating Officer, Maybank Kim Eng Group

Ami Moris was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Maybank Kim Eng group on 1 May 2016. She was the Regional Head of Equities prior to that since 2013. As COO, Ami oversees the functions of the CEO’s Office which has oversight of the 10 countries that make up Maybank Kim Eng’s operating platform including the ASEAN-6 as well as Hong Kong, India, UK and US, covering Business Strategy and Transformation, Performance Management, Project Management as well as Marketing, Communications & Branding.

Since joining the Maybank Group in 2009, Ami has been part of the team that built up Maybank Investment Bank to a leading investment bank in ASEAN. Leveraging her twenty years of experience in Equities, she helped to develop what was once a single-market brokerage into ASEAN’s largest, award winning brokerage franchise.

Ami spent 13 years in the United Kingdom where she graduated from the University of Essex with a degree in Mathematics and Politics. She also has a Master of Arts in History and Philosophy of Social and Political Science from the same university.


2. Amran Hassan, Head, Corporate Development & Innovation, GPCEOO-Corp Dev & Innovation

Born and raised in the capital of Malaysia, Amran Hassan started his career with Andersen Consulting as an analyst in the technology consulting practice. Although he graduated from Imperial College with a Masters in Chemical Engineering, he was always attracted to technology. At Andersen Consulting, later renamed Accenture, he eventually led the technology consulting practise and made Partner.

Amran Hassan joined Maybank as Head of Corporate Development, which was later renamed Corporate Development & Innovation, a department within the Office of the President. This was done as he saw the growing need to raise the bar on innovation across the Maybank group with the onset of changing customer behaviour and competitive landscape. Amongst other programmes, he launched the regions first bank-run Fintech accelerator program known as #MaybankFintech.

He was also briefly the CIO for international operations at Maybank. Whilst keeping an eye on the latest developments in innovation and technology he continues to engage the eco-system to explore new ways for innovation to strive.


3. Lionel Ho Tze-Kuang, Vice President, Group Digital, Office of Group President & CEO

Lionel Ho is the Vice President of Group Digital. He is responsible for establishing and fostering the top-level Digital initiatives for the Bank. In his previous role as the AVP in Group Strategy Development, he was part of the core team that established the “Maybank2020” vision and pioneered the Group’s Digital Strategy and Digital Crack team. His main responsibilities also include ensuring the long-term strategic priorities set for the then 46,000 staff in the 20 countries of the Maybank Group that are aspirational, inspiring and aligned with the expectations of internal and external stakeholders at the highest levels.

Prior to joining the Bank, Lionel headed the Marketing and Business Development portfolio in Astro, and had successfully launched the Astro B.yond IPTV service. He is a multi—faceted operator who is fascinated by the mobile disruption, and seeks opportunities to bring the world further into our hands.

Lionel holds a Master of Engineering (MEng), Electrical Engineering from the University of Sheffield. He loves the Unknown. “The nuttier the ship sounds, the more I’d like to be on it”.

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Collaborate with Other Talents in Maybank’s All-New Board Game

And for the icing on the cake, we will be having an interactive board game integrated with elements within the highly competitive field of investment banking.

Intrigued to play a game of ‘Chance’ with a twist of finance and economics? From virtual opportunity markets and economic scenario simulations to trivia quizzes and CSR donations, this game is engineered to be intellectually stimulating and highly engaging for aspiring corporate professionals. Ultimately, it is a fun and casual way for young talents to learn about the basics of finance and business strategies, and get a taste of life as an investment banker.

Event Details:

Date: 29th November 2017

Time: 10.30 AM – 4.00 PM

Venue: Maybank Tower, Jalan Tun Perak, Kuala Lumpur



10:30 AM – 11:00 AM: Registration & Light Breakfast

11.00 AM – 11.15 AM: Introduction to Maybank

11.15 AM – 2.30 PM: Interactive Board Game & Activity Session

(12.45 PM – 1.30 PM: Networking Lunch with Maybank Apprentices)

2.30 PM – 3.00PM: How to get into Maybank? Leadership Programs & Internships

3.00 PM – 3.45 PM: Forum Topic and Q&A Panel with Maybank Business Leaders

3.45 PM – 4.00 PM: Closing Remarks & Network


Limited slots only, so hurry and sign up here by 26 November 2017.
Registration is FREE and required for this event.


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