ICAEW South-East Asia Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Significant Milestones

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This year, ICAEW, one of the world’s leading professional accountancy bodies, celebrates a remarkable milestone as its South-East Asia regional office marks ten years of its journey in South-East Asia.

Established in Singapore in 2009, ICAEW South-East Asia supports qualified chartered accountants across the region, with a major presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and soon in Myanmar. Over the years, ICAEW has been expanding its network of education providers and employers. Through the prestigious ICAEW Chartered Accountant (ICAEW ACA) programme, ICAEW works closely with organisations to provide talent development and training to nurture future leaders in the profession.

Here are some key milestones ICAEW South-East Asia has achieved during this momentous year:

1. ICAEW celebrates 10th anniversary in grandeur

icaew sea milestones 2019 image 1In August 2019, ICAEW commemorated the 10th anniversary of the establishment of their South-East Asia office, with a series of events.

These included a celebratory dinner in Singapore, a screening of the ICAEW drama film ‘Without Question’, and two insightful roundtables that revolved around future of the profession, advancements in the field of accountancy and also ICAEW’s contributions to trade in ASEAN. Over 200 attendees participated in the celebrations, including ICAEW members, honorary guests, and members from other professional bodies across South-East Asia and China.


2. Multimedia University Malaysia Receives Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

Multimedia University Malaysia became the first university to receive strategic credits in Malaysia. With this appointment, students undertaking the Bachelor of Accounting (Hons.) programme at Multimedia University are eligible to receive credits for prior learning for up to 12 modules of the ACA qualification. This achievement is the culmination of tireless months of work and significant human capital, resource and academic investment by Multimedia University’s faculty, staff and students to meet ICAEW’s global standards of excellence.


3. The Future Chartered Accountants Event 2019 in Indonesia

The second Future Chartered Accountants Event (FCAE) was held in Jakarta, with the aim of bringing together the future leaders of the accounting profession and to build a greater accounting community in Indonesia. This year, 350 accounting students from 40 universities across Indonesia attended the FCAE. All students and participating accounting professionals recited the “Ikrar Mahasiswa Akuntansi Indonesia” together, pledging their commitment to carry out their duties professionally and ethically in commemoration of Indonesia Young Accountants Day.


4. ICAEW Vietnam Welcomes First Home-Grown ACA

icaew sea milestones 2019 image 4ICAEW in Vietnam will mark its fifth anniversary in 2020 with the first ACA graduate, Ms Mai Thi Hong Nhung, who has completed the entire ACA journey in Vietnam. Ms Mai was also one of the recipients of the ICAEW CFAB scholarship in 2014. ICAEW expects to see more home-grown ACA graduates as its Vietnamese student population continues to expand.


5. First ICAEW University Roadshow in Vietnam Engages More Than 2,000 Students

ICAEW Vietnam organised its inaugural university roadshow, which focused on ‘Moving from students to business professionals’. The series of events engaged more than 2,000 students and featured representatives from the Vietnamese government as guest speakers. Students registered for the ICAEW USS programme, aimed at helping students develop desirable soft skills that employers seek.


6. Two Landmark MoU’s with Vietnam to Drive Development of Future Leaders

ICAEW signed 2 landmark Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with various Vietnamese government bodies. The MoU with the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam (MOET) aims to help MOET develop education programmes in Vietnam using the ICAEW ACA qualification to set the standard when modifying its accounting programmes.

ICAEW also signed an MoU with the State Securities Commission of Vietnam, which looks to strengthen bilateral relations between Vietnam and UK in finance, accounting and corporate governance.




7. Establishing its foothold in Myanmar

icaew sea milestones 2019 image 2ICAEW has begun its expansion into Myanmar through its partnership with two local education providers to offer the ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (CFAB) programme to local students. In the education sector, ICAEW has started the ICAEW CFAB training with its new Partner in Learning, Myanmar’s Institute of Business & Investment Management (IBIM). ICAEW has also established an employer network in Myanmar with BDO, Deloitte and KPMG, who are now its Authorised Training Employers (ATEs) and will actively develop the future profession locally.


8. ICAEW employer training in Thailand

icaew sea milestones 2019 image 3ICAEW held its annual get-together for its members and members of Chartered Accountants’ Worldwide (CAW) to connect fellow Chartered Accountant communities in Thailand. During the recent networking event, ICAEW also presented the ATE certificate to BDO to begin training the ICAEW ACA qualification to attract, develop, and retain talent in the accountancy and finance profession in the country.


9. Launch of new accounting technician qualification in Cambodia

In Phnom Penh, ICAEW, together with the Kampuchea Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Auditors (KICPAA), and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) launched a new programme, the Accounting Technician Qualification (ATQ). The launch was presided by H.E. Ngy Tayi, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Chairman of the National Accounting Council of Cambodia. Attendees included 350 accounting and finance professionals, government agencies, leaders from financial institutions, and close to 200 students.


Want to Learn More About ICAEW and How It Can Unlock Your Career Aspirations?

Find out more about how ICAEW supports world class chartered accountants in the region and how you can excel in your career with ICAEW’s professional qualifications on the ICAEW South-East Asia website.


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