Four Motivational Speakers That Every Millennial Should Follow in 2019

4 top-tier motivational speakers 2019

Social media is now a pasture for everyone nowadays to graze on useful knowledge and proper education. With a sizeable majority of people maintaining a good social media presence, it has become easier than ever to watch, hear and learn online. With all the more arising popularity of ‘Social Media Influencers’, a term for people with a prevalent social media coverage and with an interest in a specific subject matter which they deliver to other social media users through videos or written contents, it has become even more imperative to follow the right people on social media and potentially emulate the way they think, speak and act and allow ourselves to become more adaptable to good influences.

The list that follows showcases four top-tier motivational speakers whose social media presence could potentially benefit all Millennials by inspiring a positive way of thinking and a more productive lifestyle.

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1. Simon Sinek

simon sinek portrait

Simon Sinek is a British-American motivational speaker, success coach and an author of five books as of 2019. Sinek first popularized the concept of ‘Why’ in his Ted Talk speech in 2009 and his book published in 2009 named ‘Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action’ is a groundbreaking work of Sinek and it illustrates a perspective that successful businesses and individuals adopt to stay distinguished. Sinek is also an instructor of strategic communications at Colombia University.

Sinek has a good social media coverage and one can follow him here to stay tuned with his latest works including his blog videos, interviews, articles and online courses. Sinek’s Why Discovery Course is his interactive online training that has helped budding entrepreneurs, managers or literally anyone with a success mindset to integrate a more concrete purpose in whatever they’re doing and achieve a better sense of accomplishment in their work. Sinek’s other projects and services can be explored on his brainchild ‘Start with Why’.


2. Lisa Nichols

lisa nichols portrait

Lisa Nichols is an African-American motivational speaker, author, organisational consultant and a world class media personality as well as the founder of Motivating the Masses, an online platform that has helped small businesses grow through provision of expertise consultancy on management strategy and organisational development.

Nichols has partnered with Mindvalley, an online learning platform offering integrated and fully interactive courses called ‘Quests’, to empower the world’s aspiring public speakers and communicators to speak with confidence and charisma through her very own Quest called ‘Speak and Inspire’. Nichols can be followed on her fan page here where she has an established list of top-notch videos, blogs and other learning opportunities tailored to inspire thousands worldwide.


3. Nick Vujicic

lisa nichols portrait

Nick Vujicic is an Australian motivational speaker and Christian Evangelist usually known for his rare physical condition known as ‘tetra-amelia syndrome’, a disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. Vujicic authored six books including his best-selling first one ‘Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life’. Vujicic has been featured in the American short independent film ‘The Butterfly Circus’ that earned him the Best Actor in Short Film award at the 2010 Method Fest Independent Film Festival for his performance as Will.

Vujicic is a founder of Life Without Limbs, a non-profit Evangelistic ministry and international organization dedicated to spreading hope and positivity to those in need through religious motivation and donations. He is also a founder of Attitude is Altitude, a motivational speaking company providing inspirational speeches and products. Vujicic’s personal Facebook Page is a one-stop destination for all those seeking for motivational resources and/or public preaching on Christianity.


4. Shiv Khera

shiv khera portrait

Shiv Khera is an Indian author, motivational speaker, politician and the founder of an organization called ‘Country First Foundation.’ Khera has authored numerous self-help books on success, self-improvement and leadership including his international best seller ‘You Can Win’ that has been translated into 21 languages. Shiv Khera has an astounding array of leadership and skill development programs available online and in-house. His seminars and trainings specifically cater to aspiring negotiators, marketers and business people who intend to equip themselves with customer relationship, persuasion and negotiation skills.

His online merchandise store and available programs can be found on his official website here. His Facebook Page also showcases the list of events and training programs he has in the house and his regular posts are mostly dedicated to promoting those events so a fan may not probably be able to spot his short blogs or free online speeches. But his self-help books with proven strategies to achieve better results can be ordered online and his bite-sized motivational quotes are always convenient for those who only want to digest light contents.



It is always a good idea to wake up to social media streaming with an array of inspirational headlines rather than just our friends’ mundane stories. It is even better to have your own social media profile dedicated to learning only, as in a separate Facebook profile only with connections to learning and developing pages or inspirational bloggers. Whatsoever, it does not matter which kind of social media presence you maintain, the only thing that matters is the engagements you make on social media.

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