Top 5 Hottest Jobs for Myanmar Graduates in 2019

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Myanmar is predominantly a youthful country as shown in the 2014 census. The median age is 27 and about 55% of the population are under the age of 30. Formal higher education for these youth are provided through 150+ universities that are entirely state-run, along with a handful of recently opened private colleges. Compared to its regional peers, Myanmar has a relatively higher literacy rate (reading and writing) at an average of 89.5%. Vocational and non-formal education channels are also provided by the government with the aim of lowering the threshold for employment.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the country’s GDP is expected to rise from US$ 67bil in 2015 to US$ 200bil by 2030. The economy growth is still on track, with more local companies venturing into construction, energy, tourism, and catering industries. Last year, the World Bank reported more than 80% of formal jobs in the SMEs, and new large establishments (with over 100 employees) are now the main source of job opportunities in Myanmar. The highest salary jobs in Myanmar for graduates can potentially go up to 1,000,000 MMK for some companies.

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We have identified 5 high salary jobs in Myanmar for graduates, which has been selected based on the economic conditions, market demands, and human capital projections for the coming years.

1. Petroleum Engineering

General Job Scope: Myanmar has an annual production of ~6 million barrels of crude oil and 700 billion cubic feet of natural gas, mostly from offshore blocks. The industry employs both local and international workforces, where the scope of a petroleum engineer includes analysing the well logs, supervision of the pulling unit, and drilling rig operations. Generally the highest paid engineering discipline, it is also one of the most demanding and dangerous jobs, often requiring the engineer to be on 24/7 duty for two months followed by a 2-week break before repeating the cycle.

Undergraduate Study Duration: 6 years

Fresh Graduate Salary in Myanmar: 1,000,000 MMK (~USD 1000) per month

Future Job Outlook: The oil and gas sector topped Myanmar’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2017 with over US$22.4 billion (~32% of total FDI). The country has 53 on-shore blocks and 51 offshore blocks, many of which are operated by prominent companies such as Chevron, Shell, Statoil, Total, and MPRL.


2. Sales and Business Development

General Job Scope: Sales jobs often come with a steep learning curve in terms of customer service and communication, combined with other administrative matters, and are often hailed as the ideal job for fresh graduates. The responsibilities of a sales and business development position can range from responding to sales inquiries and closing small deals to exploring new markets and developing long-term client relationships.

Undergraduate Study Duration: 4 years

Fresh Graduate Salary in Myanmar: 500,000 MMK (~USD 400) per month

Future Job Outlook: In this fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia, businesses in retail and FMCG industries are rapidly expanding their regional markets to sub-urban and rural areas. To further illustrate this,, one of the top local recruitment websites, lists Sales and Business Development as the most popular job in their 2018 projection.


3. Civil Engineering

General Job Scope: Civil engineers in the construction sites are responsible for interpreting civil and structural drawings in detail, coordinating with consultants, contractors and suppliers, and allocating manpower in projects. Additionally, they are required in urban planning, municipal water treatment, construction of highways, and offshore oil rigs. Although the working hours generally resemble normal office work hours, depending on the project, there can be occasional three-shift work schedules and requirements to work outdoors.

Undergraduate Study Duration: 6 years

Fresh Graduate Salary in Myanmar: 500,000 MMK (~USD 400) per month

Future Job Outlook: Construction sites still dominate the skyline of Yangon, and the government is planning to build the city’s first elevated express road in December that will be linked to the new international airport project. Overall, the country has major infrastructure projects under its sleeves. This means that there will be a high demand for civil engineers in the early phases of the Special Economic Zones.


4. Marketing and Creative Design

General Job Scope: Mostly handled by advertising agencies, marketing personnel are responsible for analysing market trends, demographics, and other relevant information to develop marketing strategies that cover both physical and online promotional campaigns. They often work closely with creative designers that include graphic designers and photographers to ensure maximum outreach. Depending on the business nature and headcount of the employer, the job may require analytical, creative, digital, commercial, communication and administrative skillsets.

Undergraduate Study Duration: 4 years

Fresh Graduate Salary in Myanmar: 400,000 MMK (~USD 300) per month

Future Job Outlook: In recent years, Myanmar has witnessed the birth of ‘Facebook Supremacy’ among its consumers, which has resulted in the steady growth of the digital marketing sector. While the Burmese locals are still heavily dependent on physical events and advertisements, more marketing agencies are gradually shifting their focus from offline to online engagements. Marketing and Creative Design also shares a large portion of the 2018 job projections by


5. Software Development and Programming

General Job Scope: IT technicians are an indispensable part of the businesses, and software developers and programmers play an important role in this increasingly digitized economy. These jobs are entitled to web and app development of various Operating Systems (OS), including developing the utilities, games and company databases. It is also common for talents in this industry to work freelance on a project basis, where the facilities and fees depend on the programming language and work experience.

Undergraduate Study Duration: 4 years

Fresh Graduate Salary in Myanmar: 400,000 MMK (~USD 300) per month

Future Job Outlook: Myanmar’s IT sector has a large room for development as people shift their focus from social media to other elements of the Internet. Fuelled by the vibrant start-up industry, mostly populated by tech enterprises, software development jobs will continue to enjoy consistent demand from both the corporate sector and entrepreneurs.

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Concluding Remarks

Myanmar has regulated the development of Special Economic Zones (worth billions of dollars) in Kyauk Phyu and Thilawa, mainly invested by China and Japan. The leading sectors for foreign investments as of last year are manufacturing, real estate, transport and telecommunications. Evidently, there are a lot of job opportunities in Myanmar, certainly along with more competitions from global and regional workforces.

Many employers now claim that the biggest challenge is to find the candidate with the ‘right’ skillset. The aforementioned recruitment website also encourages the local Burmese talents to “find ways to stand out” from the other applicants, such as developing a professional, well-written CV and cover letter.

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