Positive Outcomes of The 2 Years Pandemic: Habits We’ve All Gained

positive outcomes habits pandemic

2 years felt like a lifetime and now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted and traveling is slowly becoming a thing again, we can all finally rejoice after a long and suffocating battle. While some may see the pandemic as a huge stressor, only causing helplessness and loneliness in people, there are actually plenty of positive habits we gained from experiencing what is to be the next major event to be studied in future history textbooks. If you’re having a hard time looking for that light at the end of the tunnel, here are the positive outcomes and the habits we’ve all gained from 2 years of pandemic that we’ve implemented for a better lifestyle!

1. Taking Extra Precaution For Our Health

Despite the pandemic being the worst possible phenomenon for all the germaphobe out there, it has taught the rest of us to be just as concerned about the things we eat, the things we touch, and the air we breathe just as much as we should. There has never been a bigger spike in antibacterial wipes and sanitizers being purchased before COVID-19. People have never given germs a second thought before they became a deadly virus, which has reminded us to be more cautious of our general hygiene.

2. Be More Conscious of Our Plastic Waste

With the last couple of years being spent indoors, there’s no doubt that we’ve made it a habit to takeaway food or shop online every waking hour of our day that eventually, our house is drowning in a sea of plastic and opened packages. Did you know that plastic takes roughly 450 years to decompose? It is absolutely crucial to reduce our plastic usage hence, we’ve gotten into the positive habits of bringing reusable grocery bags on our errand days, carrying our own metal straws when we’re out for drinks, and only doing online purchases for items we can’t get instore.

3. Mental Health is Just as Important as Physical

We are all highly aware of it now since I’m sure we’ve been feeling it ourselves on how the lockdown has taken a toll on our mental health. Not only affecting ourselves and our daily lives but also the lives of those around us and the people we love. Thus, we have all learned that mental health is a real issue that needs to be addressed and taken care of through calming activities for the mind such as exercise, yoga, using essential oils, meditating, and journaling.

4. Supporting Small & Local Businesses #KitaJagaKita

2 years is a substantial time that can change the course of anyone’s life, especially with the economy declining. As time passed, we had to witness heartbreaking moments of our favourite spots or shops having to close for good since they can no longer sustain themselves. Nonetheless, this has opened a majority of our eyes to be more conscious of where we shop and intentionally order from small and local businesses that need their sales to survive and make a living. Every little purchase counts!

5. Appreciating Nature More

After literal years of being stucks indoors for a majority of the time, it has knocked some senses into our city-like minds that being outsides and surrounded by nature are such a breath of fresh air (and I do mean literally). Constantly being stuck in our mundane routine of working, studying, watching TV, eating, playing games, and sleeping can cause a mental breakdown due to the indoors-only loop. In compliance with SOP, we see people frequent walking and jogging at the park. With restrictions being lifted, people are taking this chance to be consumed in nature by going on hikes, picnic by the waterfalls, swimming in the river, and an afternoon by the beach. Being surrounded by greenery can do wonders for your health!



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