Shopee Malaysia: Affordable Keycaps under RM120 for Your Mechanical Keyboards

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Imagine this: it’s almost 2022 and you are clicking and clacking away on your keyboard but something feels off. You’ve been home all year, playing the same videos games and scrambling to join Zoom meetings every week but something is different… You’re not feeling the same enjoyment from your keyboard the same way as you used to. It has been the same old, raggedy keyboard for years now and you just feel like it’s time to have a change of scenery. If you feel like giving your mechanical keyboard a whole new look, you came to the right place!

As a keyboard enthusiast myself, I am here to provide you with a list of some really great quality and affordable keycaps you can purchase at under RM120 from trusted sellers at Shopee Malaysia. Time to choose a fresh new set of keycaps and give your favourite keyboard a brand new look that won’t break your bank!

1. Mint Matcha Keycaps – RM62

shopee malaysia mint matcha green keycaps

As the name suggests, this cute keycap set is inspired by matcha tea with its soft green hue for the main alphabets of the keycaps and the rest covered in a beautiful forest green colour. Comes in this set, there are also novelty keycaps with cute desserts engraved on them such as matcha tea, biscuits, cakes, and also a stunning silhouette of Mount Fuji!


2. Honey Milk Keycaps – RM66

shopee malaysia honey milk yellow keycaps

Inspired by the classic combination of honey and milk, this keycaps set combines these two cute elements together with ivory beige and bright yellow colours alongside a few unique novelties such as Japanese characters, Chinese characters, bees, honey, and many others. Designed in 140 keys set with an Eng-Jap version, it will look perfect on any layout!

3. Ice Cream Keycaps – RM72

shopee malaysia ice cream pink purple affordable keycaps

On a hot summer day, what better way to cool off than a cold cone of ice cream? If ice cream is top tier for your favourite desserts, then you definitely want to check out this Ice Cream inspired keycaps set that comes in a beautiful combination of white, pink, purple, and yellow. With some adorable novelty keycaps of—you guessed it, ice cream cones, it’s an absolute joy to look at!

4. Darling Keycaps – RM115

shopee malaysia darling in the franxx affordable keycaps

Any Anime lovers will go crazy over this next one because if you’ve been in the Anime world, you’ve probably heard or seen the well-beloved pink girl who is famous for the word “Darling”. Inspired by the Anime ‘Darling In The Franxx’, this keycaps set come in Zero Two’s iconic colour combination of white, pink, and bright red and some novelties with her signature devil horn headband and others that will bring you back to this awesome Anime!



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