Making Side Income: Turn Your Hobby Into A Business!

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There are people out there who have a job but do not like what they’re doing. They look forward to finishing work so that they can spend time doing what they love most. What they can do is dedicate their extra time to earn a side income and turn their hobby into a business.

A year after the declaration of COVID-19 globally, most people have been working from home, salary being cut and the worst one yet, some of them have lost their jobs unexpectedly. This is where earning side income becomes crucial in sustaining the daily basic needs.

During the first Movement Control Order (MCO) in 2020 in Malaysia, we have seen the nation exploring new things from the comfort of their home. For instance, trying new recipes, crafting art, growing houseplants, and more. Clearly, the silver lining behind the lockdown has sparked interest in people to discover new hobbies.

Some may be unaware of the fact that hobbies can turn into small businesses. One of the advantages of a home business is you get to create a career you love. Here are some activities that we think would be great as a side hustle!

Freelance Writing Online

Are you someone who aspires to become a writer and make a change to the world? Do you enjoy expressing a certain topic but are clueless on how to start? This is your time to shine!

Freelance writing is a great start to venture into the industry as you are independent in your business and have the opportunity to work with different people from various backgrounds. This also means you can get a glimpse of what form of writing you are most passionate about. There is an abundance of services you can offer such as blog writing, article writing, copywriting, proofreading and editing.

If you are just about to enter the world of writing, start small – focus on one service that you’re interested to provide and work your way up. Eventually, you will be able to write for blogs, magazines, websites, social media, and more.

Painting, Illustrating and Designing

If you’re more towards the artsy side, then keep on reading! Painting, illustrating and designing fall under the category of visual and graphic art. Most people find the activity of these three to be therapeutic to the mind and body. According to, engaging in any form of art can avoid mental health conditions and support recovery.

While you’re in the best state of mind, spread positivity by selling your artwork. Indeed, nowadays visual art is one of the most important aspects when decorating one’s space. It is not just aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but it also provides life to the room.

Not to mention, we are living in a digital era where everything is possible to be done online. This gives the idea of digitalizing your artwork where you can easily put up your illustrations on a platform for selling. From there your buyers are able to download and print them to their preferred sizes. It would save you a lot of time!

Though, another suggestion would be starting your own stationery line – seems huge but it is definitely achievable. Start by printing your artwork on postcards, tote bags, stickers and washi tapes! Make it fun and cute, who doesn’t love that? Regularly update your designs and illustrations on your social media so more people can see them. Who knows, one-day UNIQLO might just slide into your DM to collaborate!

Do-It-Yourself Crafts

As the world evolves, so as our minds! Nowadays, most things can be made by one-self at home. We come across DIY videos on every social media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Of course, if you would want to learn more in-depth, there are channels that produce tutorial videos where instead of watching for fun, you gain skills and knowledge.

Watching these videos helps you to not only think outside of the box but also unlock the creative side of you that you might not know. Some of the common DIY crafts that you can make money from are coasters, earrings, and keychains made of clay, soaps, candles, macramé wall-hanging and crotchet plushies.

This is also your chance to play around with colors and design to develop your own style and aesthetic. This will result in being different from others and your business will have its own identity. Another reason to start this business is that you can definitely gain a huge profit from it.

Streaming While Playing Games

Ever since the lockdown and not being able to go out as often, everyone has been stuck at home. One of the convenient ways to spend your leisure time is by playing video games. Esports, for instance, have already been big across these years. While physical sports need to be limited at the moment, esports is slowly growing in society.

Becoming a professional player is indeed a good choice, however, the path is not as easy as it looks. It might take some time for your name to flourish to get the recognition desired. Therefore, for someone who is still interested to earn a side income while playing their favorite games, you still can!

Streaming applications like Twitch, Youtube Gaming, or Facebook Gaming allow you to unleash the beast. It’s as easy as setting up your phone or camera to record yourself, then just game away! Several games that are on the rise right now in the streaming community include Valorant, Mobile Legends, League of Legends, and PUBG.

People staying at home just gives you more opportunities to create new online content as it’s in constant demand, making it the perfect time for you to start your own streaming channels. A community can also be built through shared interests and love for gaming. All you need is a device to film, a pair of earphones or headphones, and a humorous personality! But if you don’t, we still wish you the best of luck.

Final Verdict

Of course, there are many more hobbies that you can make money from, for example, cooking and baking, gardening as well as photography. In these challenging times, we should motivate ourselves that nothing is impossible and make the activities we love into something worthwhile.


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