5 Rapidly Growing Startups for Young Digital Marketers to Work For in Vietnam

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Vietnam is now considered one of the most promising startup hubs. Driven by three key factors-including government initiatives, technological infrastructures and talents, Vietnam boasts huge opportunities to emerge as Southeast Asia’s leading startup ecosystem in the next couples of years.

Why explore a digital marketing role in Startups?

Startup companies are increasingly embracing digital tools to expand their brand presence, grow customer base and expedite sales. The pressure of following customers online has had a great influence on digital marketing positions, making the career challenging, yet rewarding for young graduates.

Above all, starting your career in a fast-growing and ever-changing enterprise would give you a precious chance to grow your competencies by assuming a wide range of responsibilities. It is also a fast-track career where young ambitious individuals could rise to higher positions in a considerably shorter time compared to other professional paths.

The brief summary below takes a closer look at 5 of Vietnam’s promising and fascinating startups with open positions in digital marketing for fresh graduates (maximum 2 years’ experience).

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1. Talo Protocol

talo protocol website homepage

Headquartered in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, the startup was founded by Kevin Tung Nguyen – a Stanford GSB alumni. Prior to Talo, he founded Jobhop.vn: a Service-as-a-Software (SaaS) recruitment tech company that connects job-seekers with employers. Built on the foundations of JobHop Asia, Talo Protocol was born out of a vision and passion to transform the recruitment scene using AI and Blockchain technology. The platform is a distributed marketplace for knowledge workers comprising recruiters, job seekers, content creators, and infrastructure providers. As a self-sustaining ecosystem grounded in the principle of respect for user privacy, it serves to make recruiting faster, easier and more accurate.

Talo.io is currently looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist, who will work closely with the founders to manage the company’s brand presence and PR matters through online and offline channels. As the product is scheduled to be launched in 2019, you will play a crucial role building and executing marketing strategies in all stages of sales campaign. In addition, you will find yourself surrounded by the emerging fields of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralized technologies. To find out more about this opportunity and other open positions, visit here.



2. Amanotes

 amanotes website homepage

Amanotes is an innovative startup formed by a group of music enthusiasts, (read: music maniacs), who are ambitious to deliver this universal language to all types of audience. Based on the idea that most people love music but only a few can play an instrument, Amanotes’s mission is to spread that enjoyable experience through mobile games publishing. After 3 years, Amanotes now has more than 150 million users (August 2018) all over the world, ranking within top 5 publishers in Southeast Asia (top 5 including Grab, VNG, Garena, BIGO và Amanotes). Many of its products are on the top charts of App Store and Google Play Store such as Magic Tiles 3, Tap Tap Reborn 2, Dancing Ballz, Infinity Run and so on.

Amanotes is currently looking for a Senior Marketing Specialist – User Acquisition. This position requires a strong command in market research, data analysis, and data evaluation. You will be involved in the marketing campaigns to acquire new customers as well as expand the company’s footprints to the regional and global map. As an ‘Amanoter’, you will also enjoy the perks of attending free music classes – a one of a kind compensation scheme, along with other attractive incentives including competitive salary and equity plans. To find out more, visit here.


3. Hoozing

 hoozing website homepage

In July 2015, Hoozing was founded with the aim to tackle the challenges faced by expats when finding accommodations and dealing with housing agents in Vietnam. The business connects and builds a ‘community of renters’, where all the properties are listed by current tenants who are about to move out. Prospective tenants would get the chance to speak with existing occupiers to receive many insider tips about the house and its neighborhood.

One of the most exciting startups in real estate industry, Hoozing is looking to fill its Project Marketing Executive position. Responsibilities include developing and executing marketing plans for Hoozing’s new projects, optimizing social media channels’ outreach and generating leads through the use of Facebook ads, Google Ads and so on. You will also collect, synthesize, analyze and evaluate market information, customer tastes, information on competitors as part of crafting the company’s expansion plan. To find out more, visit here.


4. Traveloka

 traveloka website homepage

Traveloka is an Indonesian unicorn company that provides airline ticketing and hotel booking services online with a focus on domestic travel. Founded in 2012 by a group of returning ex-Silicon Valley engineers – Derianto Kusuma, Ferry Unardi and Albert Zhang – Traveloka aims to revolutionise human mobility with technology.  Today, the company has expanded its business operation to 6 ASEAN countries, while experimenting with creative endeavors that could have huge impacts on the industries and the countries as a whole.

As one of the fastest-growing online travel agency (OTA) startups, Traveloka Vietnam is hiring various digital marketers with prior experience in content, SEO and social media. To find out more, visit here.


5. Shopee

shopee website homepage

Headquartered in Singapore under Sea Group, Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Two years into its first debut in the local scene, Vietnam is now one of Shopee’s key markets within Southeast Asia with the third-fastest user growth rate behind Taiwan and Indonesia. The Shopee team believes in applying the transformative power of technology into providing buyers and sellers with a platform where easy, secure and hassle-free transactions can be conducted.

Shopee Vietnam is currently recruiting for various positions in their Marketing department at both entry and experienced levels. These opportunities range from traditional roles like content curators, graphic designers to contemporary work in influencers marketing and affiliate marketing. To find out more, visit here.

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Any other interesting company you would like to recommend for young digital marketers? Share with us in the comment section below!

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