How To Advance Beyond An Entry Level Position Into A Senior Role In Your Career

How to advance from entry level career

Everyone starts off at the bottom and works their way up but when it comes to career, how should we approach that advancement? Naturally, we will all kick things off in an entry-level position and as we switch from one career to another, we gain more key insights about our company, industry, and we learn what we want out of our career. After a while, you’ll start to realize that you’re not exactly an entry-level candidate anymore and is ready to transition into a more senior position. So, how do you do that? Here we will introduce to you the steps on how to progress and advance beyond your entry-level position into a more senior role for your career!

What Does ‘Advancing’ Mean To You?

Advancing beyond your current entry-level position just for the sake of advancing will only lead you into a position that isn’t the right fit for you or one that might set you up for a long-term career path that does not align with your goals. As Dr. Rosina Racioppi, CEO and President of WOMEN Unlimited Inc. said, “It’s relatively easy to advance in your career. However, the challenge is to craft a career progression that will be satisfying to you.” Thus, before you start pursuing a senior role, take a step back and define the tasks and responsibilities you enjoy doing the most, and which role you should explore that will give you that opportunity. Once you get a better idea, it will help smoothen your decision-making process.

Make Connections—Within And Outside Of Your Company

The key to securing a higher-level position is to network, network, network. If you have not started networking, you might be missing out on making connections with people who may be the ticket to your next job, especially individuals that will keep you informed about your company and industry as that will lead you to find your next potential opportunity and also your market worth. Start by being active on sites such as LinkedIn, attend networking events, identify professionals you admire, and strike up a conversation with them, be it in person or online. Engage in events or professional networking groups in your area that will help keep you in touch with industry leaders.

Ask What You Can Do To Speed Up Your Progression

There is no set guidelines on how you can advance beyond your entry-level position since different leaders from different companies look for different things when deciding to promote someone. Thus, if you want to learn how to get promoted and move up within your company, the next step you should take is to ask your manager how to make that happen. Approach them to schedule a meeting with your manager or team leader and ask them the skills and characteristics they believe are important that you might need to work on to be successful in the organization. This will set you up to get promoted in no time!

Have The Right Attitude And Exceed Expectations

In order to advance into a senior-level position, you should understand by now that doing the bare minimum just won’t cut it. Go the extra mile when doing your work and have a positive attitude along the way. Treat people with respect, don’t complain or gossip, and always show enthusiasm for the work you’re assigned to. When you find yourself showing up with the right attitude and committed to continuously exceeding the expectations of your managers, you will simultaneously put yourself as the prime candidate for a promotion.

If you are really aiming for advancement, it should not be a singular conversation. It requires ongoing conversations that will ultimately guide you in your thinking and development.” – Racioppi



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