Study from Home Tip: Websites You Can Join Virtual Study Rooms

study from home tip virtual study rooms

Malaysia has undergone endless months of lockdown, meaning that universities and other education centers have closed their doors. With that, many students are forced to do online lectures, self-study, and online exams. At home, without the proper environment, procrastination and distraction will be the biggest culprit to prevent you from accomplishing your homework or assignments. On that note, we are here to introduce to you a study-from-home tip where you can go on websites to study in virtual study rooms!

What Are Virtual Study Rooms?

If you’ve never heard of virtual study rooms before, then you are in for a treat, especially if you are one of those who thrive when you’re doing your work around others. There are various websites and platforms online that provide a collaborative space for students to self-study by joining private or public study rooms with students all over the world. This 24/7 service allows you to experience the feel of a real classroom where everyone has the camera on but instead of having to deal with noisy classmates, everyone is on the call to study and motivate each other to do the same. So, if you’ve done enough self-study, then go on these websites, turn on your video, and get studying!


study from home tip virtual study room Studystream is a wonderful platform where you can use to study with others to be productive together. There are so many focus rooms you can join and you can work with many others. Plus, there are even mindfulness sessions you can join! Studystream is a great way for you to stay productive and finish all your work.


study from home tip cute study websitesThe website comes with a Pomodoro timer to track your studying. There are also multiple backgrounds you can choose from, from sceneries, animals, animations, and many others. There is also a celebrity option you can choose from where you will feel like you’re studying with your favourite celebrity or idol!

3. StudyTogether

study from home tip virtual study room studytogetherIf you’re already on Discord, join the largest global student community on Discord. This study community is designed to boost your productivity where you can set your goals at the start of your study session and they will send you reminders to check on your progress. You can also choose the type of room you’d like to join – with or without video/screen share and your study time will be counted where you can climb the Leaderboard and earn your “Study Master” title!

4. Drive and Listen

study from home tip drive and listen while study with a viewIf you’re not looking for a company but a different view, this website will virtually drive you through the streets of different countries. You also have the option to change the driving speed and the type of music you want to listen to on your “drive”. You will find the experience extremely calming and helpful when finishing your work after being cooped up inside.


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