Dear Job Seekers: The Best Month to Get a New Job is Approaching Soon & You Need to Prepare ASAP

best month to get a job

As 2021 is coming to an end, it signifies how these past 2 years have been impacted by COVID-19 and how the labor market, and especially our jobs, have taken a significant hit from it. If you’ve been laid off or are still struggling to get a job, you might be questioning your worth and why no companies would hire you. Instead, you should study when is the best time for you to focus your job-search efforts to. Just like pumpkin-spiced lattes are a thing in fall, and strawberry lemonade is a great choice for the scorching summer, job hiring has its own season too. As organizations are planning their new fiscal year, the best month for you to get a new job is approaching fast and you need to prepare ASAP!

For the best chances at securing a job offer, knowing the optimal time to look for a job is the key to getting a major boost in vacancies, thus your future new job.

The Best Time Of Year To Find A Job

Any companies tend to do their hiring the most in January and February, especially if you are looking for long-term, full-time jobs. However, do keep in mind that like any other human, January starts off very slow for most people, since everyone had just returned from holiday vacations and will take a couple of weeks to reorganize their workflow. Thus, wait until the middle part of January to begin sending out your resume and submitting applications. January is that time of year where departments had just received their new hiring budgets, hence executives have a better idea of the people they need and how many new hires they can afford, making January and February the top months for hiring.

How You Should Prepare For This Opportunity

Now that the new year is approaching, it is optimal to use this time to prepare before your search begins to increase your chances of winning that desired position. Here are some tips you can start now!

1. Update your resume

One of the most important aspects of any job-hunting journey is to update your resume since you can’t begin your search without it. Hence, don’t wait until the last minute! Always keep an updated resume template that you can easily edit or customize to the specific job you are applying for. A good habit is to update your resume quarterly, or atleast once a year, to ensure that you are always ready to apply for when that dream job becomes available.

2. Increase your skills or add new experiences

Education is inevitable, thus, understanding that Hiring Managers appreciate candidates who possess the latest skills and knowledge of their industry will take you a very long way. Use your precious time to upgrade your skills and learn new areas of your expertise to advance your careers. Take a certification course or a class to increase your marketability, which you can also use when explaining why you’ve been out of jobs for a period of time.

3. Practice interview questions

For some, it may have been quite a while since you’ve attended an interview session, therefore, it will extremely beneficial for you to practice some generic interview questions. Do not make the mistake of waiting until the night before to go through any potential questions since you will need enough rest to be in your best state the next day for the interview. Aside from the typical “Tell me about yourself”, they will definitely include competency-based questions to find out how you would handle certain situations, hence use your time wisely to prepare!

4. Don’t give up

Usually, the most difficult part of job hunting is getting started, especially if you’ve faced months of rejection and ghosted applications. You may draw a blank while updating your resume, and sometimes, you might let your schedules get in the way of preparing for your next career advancement. Never give up. When it comes to finding a job, regardless of the time of year, it will never be an easy process. It takes time and patience but trust yourselves that you will succeed.



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