My Journey as a Corporate Finance Intern

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Hi, I am Khadijah, a Finance & Economics graduate from the University of Melbourne. I am currently pursuing my internship with CIMB in Corporate Finance, within the investment banking division. I have always been intrigued with the fast-paced work environment of the investment banking industry, and my experience in the CIMB Corporate Finance department definitely lived up to my expectations.

In corporate finance, every minute counts as we look to close deals that eventually translate to Ringgits and Sens for the investment bank. A typical day would involve rushing to meet clients, hustling through deals to meet deadlines, working early mornings and late nights; all with a cup of coffee in hand. One of the directors even said to me that coffee is the lifeline of an investment banker, and after two months of my internship I could not agree more.

One of the main things I learned from my short tenure in the investment banking industry is that whatever projects discussed in the department, stays within the department. In other words, all deals must be kept strictly confidential. Non-disclosure agreements are taken seriously here to prevent valuable information from getting to competitors or giving unfair advantage to other recipients, which can lead to insider trading. In a way, my short stint so far has taught me the importance of integrity in a workplace environment.

Research is the fundamental base of every deal in Corporate Finance. As such, my role in the department includes conducting research and analysis on various industries to assist my team across different projects. Most of my research is done through the Bloomberg terminal, a computer software system that allows access to real-time financial market data. One research assignment I was tasked with was an analysis on potential investors for a regional M&A engagement by identifying major shareholders and key company financials in the oil and gas industry.

Additionally, I looked into the failures of M&As across various industries in Malaysia for the past decade. My internship with CIMB has given me an insightful introduction into the investment banking scene in Malaysia, which is very enlightening as I am only exposed to Australian case studies in the University of Melbourne. It has helped to broaden my understanding in Finance back in my home country, where I will eventually begin my career upon graduation.

Besides research, I also learned to conduct a firm valuation through company comparison analysis for an oil and gas company. It is an essential task that is typically done before the decision to proceed with an IPO or M&A engagement is made. Through the tasks that I am working on, it is exciting to see how the theories that I learned in my degree come to play in an actual investment banking setting.

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Concluding Remarks

My internship in Corporate Finance has enabled me to experience the ‘ins and outs’ of investment banking beyond what is typically taught in the university syllabus. Upon completing my degree, I am keen to return to Malaysia and complete The Complete Banker’s (TCB) Programme to further enhance my experience in the banking industry. I strongly believe that it is essential that I apply what I have learned in both my degree and internship to my future endeavours in the banking industry to bring it to greater heights, in-line with CIMB’s brand promise of Forward.

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