5 TikTok Accounts You NEED To Follow (With No Dancing Videos In Sight!)

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Formerly known as Musical.ly, TikTok has come a very long way from cringy lip-syncing clips and extremely awkward dance videos to a platform that has successfully bring forth people’s creativity to its full potential. However, if you think TikTok is only known for its entertainment side and that only Gen-Z would enjoy this app, then you’re wrong. There are several TikTok accounts you need to follow and will bring significance into your life.

People are continually finding new methods to attract audiences, and what better way to reach people than through quick videos that can educate while also entertain? We have gathered 5 TikTok accounts that offer you short but concise tips on their respective niches.

If You’re Big On Content Creation and Social Media Marketing…


Figure out something practical you would love to do every single day for the rest of your life. #career #dreamjob

♬ original sound – Gary Vaynerchuk

@Garyvee is where it’s at! Whether you’re on LinkedIn or TikTok, it’s impossible if you’ve never come across one of his posts. Gary has been titled the King of Social Media Marketing, and there’s an obvious reason why. He is an incredible businessman who realized how crucial social media and digital marketing are to creating a successful business.

For me, there is no better place to go to sell to Gen Z than TikTok—right this second—, because the scale of attention at that age level is remarkable…., I’m fascinated how people can miss hundreds of millions of people who are using something—how we, as an industry, can dismiss that.

If You’re Tired of Buying A New Phone Every Couple of Years…


@Phonerepairguru has your back! Who would have known that you could fix most of your gadget issues for free by referring to this TikTok account because we surely did not. From what to do when you have a bent iPad to how you should handle a smoking charging port. With over 3.4 million followers and 86.1 million likes on TikTok, you know his tips and tricks are trustworthy. Hence, save yourself that few bucks and start learning how to fix your gadgets the budget-friendly way.

If You Cannot Grasp The Functions of Microsoft Excel…


QR code using excel #excelpro #learnexcel #exceltips #excel_learning #excel #spreadsheet #exceltricks #LearnOnTiktok #qrcode #learntok

♬ original sound – Adnan

@Analysethis is the place to go! Believe it or not, I am one of those who understands the importance of Microsoft Excel but still fails miserably when it comes to actually maneuvering the program. However, Excel plays such a vital role in your career, whether you are in the finance industry or the entertainment industry. There’s always a usage for Excel, especially to organize projects and to make reports and analyses. Luckily for you, Adnan from Analysethis is sharing all his wisdom. Who knew that you could create a QR code and automate data entry on Excel?

If You Need Help Making Huge Financial Decisions…


@Marktilbury is the guy for you. Regardless of age, we all have had those moments where we need to make huge financial decisions. Whether it be to buy a car, a house or to start investing in the stocks market. For beginners, especially the youth, it can be intimidating handling big sums of cash. However, fret not, this self-made millionaire provides wholesome content on his TikTok account on business, personal finance and investing for the future generation. From how to retire by the age of 30 to whether you should buy or rent a house.

If You’re A Beginner In The World of Farming & Agriculture…


Growing Chillies tip one #farming #tiktoksouthafrica #farmingandhappy #invest

♬ original sound – Njabulo Yamhlaba Mabaso

@Njavhulo provides you with wholesome content on farming for those looking to venture into it on a smaller scale. Based in Ermelo, Mpumalanga, Njabulo shares all the tips and tricks he has up his sleeves when it comes to farming; some could call it the perfect guide for beginners to agriculture! He grows and sells all types of veggies such as Beetroot, Butternut, Chilli, Potato, Cabbage, Tomato, and especially, his proudest produce: Spinach.

Don’t support me because I am black but because I am able to produce quality and tasty spinach.”

There Are More To It Than Meets The Eye…

While TikTok may come off as a lighthearted and fun platform for teenagers to show off their creativity, it is also a smart place for businesses and professionals to market their products, services, or skills. Finance, Business, Excel tips, Marketing, and Agriculture are just the tip of the iceberg. It gives you the unfettered freedom to create anything and everything under the sun, so what are you waiting for?



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