TikTok Malaysia: Best Christmas Gifts For Your Loved Ones in 2021

tiktok malaysia christmas gifts 2021

If you’re keeping up with the trends, I’m sure that TikTok has become an integral part of your daily routine in 2021, and has probably disrupted your sleep schedule in more ways than one. While we’ve spent years believing that we’ve seen all the life hacks there is to learn, TikTok is always swooping in with new ideas and tips that most have never even thought of, making it a fun platform for users to share and entertain. What started off as a platform for dancing videos, it has now blown up into a space where hidden gems are constantly being discovered, especially this time of year where you might be scratching your head to come up with the best gifts. Look no further, here is a list that we’ve discovered on TikTok Malaysia for the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones in 2021.

1. Skincare Mini Fridge

tiktok malaysia christmas gifts 2021What do you gift the skincare junkie in your life who seem to have it all? While you can’t go wrong with a refill of their favourite products, maybe a surprise of the latest trendy storage solution that will not only declutter their space but offer a safe place to store their serums will make a wonderful gift. Yes, I’m talking about a skincare fridge! Not only does it provide a luxury feel to your skincare routine, but also the convenience that they might not know they need. Making this the perfect gift for the beauty lovers in your life!


2. Wireless Charging Station

tiktok malaysia christmas gifts 2021Say farewell to loose phone charger cords all over the place! A wireless charging station is one of the hottest products to date, especially in the mobile market now that working from home is becoming the norm. Perfect for the techie people and the tech newbies, a compatible wireless charging station is a great option to help them clear out all the cords taking over their desk space while also providing just one spot where they can charge their phone, AirPods, watches, or any other compatible devices.

3. 3D LED Wall Clock

tiktok malaysia christmas gifts 2021If you’ve been on TikTok for a while now, you probably know that it is a necessity that every room has some sort of neon sign or LED strips to make it cool and trendy. However, if you want something more subtle for your loved ones, this digital clock is the slightly more useful sibling of the neon sign. Aside from looking undoubtfully adorable in any bedroom, it also works as an alarm which you can choose to place on a desk or hang on the wall. Plus, it comes with various LED colours you can choose from to fit anyone’s preference.

4. Roller Skate Shoes

cool christmas gift 2021 trendingRoller skating was always a cool thing but 2021 has brought a new meaning to that sport as more and more people are getting into it. And why wouldn’t they be? After years of being stuck indoors, the minute you get to smell the outside fresh air, outdoor activity is everything anyone is looking forward to. Not to mention, it makes the best videos to be posted on Instagram or TikTok while also making you look insanely cool. If you have friends or family looking into this as their next recreational activity, gifting them their own roller skates will be the perfect gift!

5. Portable Projector

home christmas gift for familyEverything has not been the same since 2020, making the holiday season gift giving somewhat unusual due to all the unexpected events and changes to worldwide culture and habits. Thus, a portable projector is the perfect gift for every home and since people are expected to spend time at home, and for the majority of us that lack space for a TV, projectors make the perfect addition to our room! Not only are they easy to set up, but they also give a fancy in-home screening room vibes as well. Get prepared for a cozy night in for your next movie session with loved ones!



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