Here Are 5 Effective Ways You Can Reduce Your Screen Time & Be More Present in Life

ways reduce screen time

From setting alarms to making calls to chatting with loved ones to playing video games, mobile phones have been one of mankind’s greatest inventions to solving all our problems through a small rectangular device. However, as we have been informed in countless superhero movies, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” In this current day and age where people are constantly fixated on the newest gadgets, one may find it easy to drown in a black hole of mindless scrolling with their eyes glued to their phones. Without you even realizing it, our phone’s screen time is up to 14 hours and there goes all our precious time.

The power of technology is immense and if we allow it to take over our lives, it will have an extremely damaging effect on our mind and body—from neck pain and obesity to anxiety and a shorter attention span. I know what you’re thinking… it’s not like you can stop using your phone. You have responsibilities that require its usage but there are ways to go around it where you can safely cut down your screen time and be more aware of your phone habits for a healthier digital experience.

Do Not Check Your Phone In Early Hours

A good tip to have a great productive day is to avoid checking your phone for atleast 2 hours after waking up. This ensures a calm, focused, and tech-free start to your day where you won’t be stuck in bed scrolling endlessly through TikTok. It will also help make you less prone to mindless scrolling during the day and be more present to finish your tasks at hand.

Disable Notifications

Disable notifications of all the apps or simply, put your phone on Night mode. Pop-up noises are the biggest distractions and can sway us back to our phones eventhough we have a mountain of work to finish. If you cannot turn off notifications of some apps due to work, atleast turn off badges for each app. These red little dots on top of every app icon are designed to divert our attention and that is the last thing you want.

Change Your Phone Wallpaper

We are all about aesthetics but did you know that bright images as wallpaper can make us perceive our phones as beautiful shiny toys and motivate us to spend more time on them? So, instead of having a bright-colored theme on your phone, have a darker one that is easy on the eyes such as black, the night sky, or other simple monochromatic wallpaper.

Keep The Phone Away From Your Sight

When you are not using your phone, make it a habit to keep it out of your sight. As the famous saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Otherwise, when you feel bored even for a few minutes, you will succumb to technology’s temptation and check your phone. Before you even realise it, you will be sucked deep into the internet hole.



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