How Your Own Personal Space Can Bring Out The Best Version Of You

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Transitioning your work space from the office to your home has been challenging for most people. As for me, I have never entirely experienced working at the office as a full-time employee due to graduating during the beginning of the pandemic. Hence, my first job started from the comfort of my house and I have only been to the office twice. Having prepared for this, I already had everything I needed to work productively – my own work desk a.k.a my own personal space.

Not many realised this but having your own personal space does so much for you than you know. Personally, I have always valued the space I have and I tend to make the best of it because, well, it is mine. Occasionally I would change this creative space I possess or re-organise whenever I feel like I need a new environment (everyone needs a little change sometimes). This makes it trouble-free and effortless because you do not need to move around your things to change to a new surrounding. Pretty practical, right? Here’s why I think having your own personal space can bring out the best version of you.

#1 To be in control of your environment

At the office, you might need to limit yourself from decorating your desk because you want to keep it as professional as possible. Thus, working from home gives you the opportunity to go all crazy. This is your chance to embellish your space aesthetically to your liking without having to feel like you are being judged by your colleagues. Make your work space as an expression of who you are. This will not only motivate you, but also make you feel more productive because you will be more comfortable to work in an environment that describes the real you.

#2 No invasion of space, it is completely yours

Next, no one and I tell you, NO ONE can invade the space you have beautifully created. Speaking from experience, I grew up having to share my space. It is not until a few years back where I realised it is important to have your own. Sharing a space can be frustrating as you have to think of the other person’s comfort. Therefore, it holds you back from what you actually want to do. A space should be a flexible system for us to personalise meanings from it to a certain degree. Rather than it being just a private space, we are allowed to have a choice and freedom with it.

#3 Sense of belonging

Psychologically speaking, our mental health is highly tied to fulfilment, satisfaction, quality of life and positivity. Research suggests that our well-being needs that is connected to the sense of space should be taken into account for but not limited to:

i. A place for relaxation and psychological restoration
ii. A place for a meaningful change and sensory variability
iii. A place to be able to maintain and control personal comfort
iv. A place to make sense of the environment

Jay Appleton, a geographer states that people prefer to be in places where they have good visual access to the surrounding environment. This contributes to the feeling of being safe and protected in our space. When we feel safe, we feel a sense of belonging to the space. This undeniably acts as a positive catalyst in our lives.

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